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Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by Stoatstrangler, Nov 24, 2008.

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  1. Hi Guys could someone from the Bath FAC troop (if any of you are on here!) please pm me. I have some questions about transfers, get the low down on what you guys actually do (web links would be equally as great) what eligibilty requirments there are and general feel for the troop.

    Cheers in advance.
  2. any luck so far?
  3. Not FAC Tp but I know the PSAO - I've PM'd you
  4. Hello,

    I'm in FAC Tp.

    Just PM'd you although I'll be away from a computer until tomorrow.

    Hope i can answer the questions you have

    Best thing is to pop along one Wednesday evening and meet some of the guys.
  5. Why not ask your questions here, so that the information provided can benefit all.
  6. I've had some people get back to me (thanks to all concerned) and they've answered my questions i.e. what they do exactly, what they do on drill nights and what i'd need to do. So will be giving the psao a ring at some point and will try to visit soonish.
  7. As above, any chance of any of this information being made public? Would be good for others with the same question.
  8. Taken from the PM's i've recieved;

    First off, as expected, if I wanted to transfer i'd have to change capbadge to Royal Signals. Then i'd have to do my class 3 signallers. Apparently I can do that with 43 sqn whom they are co-located with.

    Also drillnights are based on looking at the kit they use and useful air related topics. Most of the actual FAC's are Cpl and above however, guys who are not FAC's act as signalers/drivers and can pick up a LTMO (Laser Target Marker Operator) qualification and are supposed to be fairly fluent in the FAC topic.
  9. Sounds like you'll be making the f*cking brews for a while then.
  10. Are you a trained soldier with a trade?

    If so you should be able to transfer straight in to the troop and pick up your class 3 Rad Op by doing some training with 43 Sqn.

    The only radios we use are manpack ground to air equipment. Bowman was taken away from us just weeks after it was given! So the Radio Op trade is a requirement for pay and progression not so much for the job.

    The main duties of a member of a TACP are:-

    Getting the FAC and Equipment to the OP.
    Making sure all the equipment is working for the FAC.
    Operate the Laser Target Marker if it required.
    Assist the FAC in Night CAS.
    Check Aircraft in and out of the target area.

    TACP or Tactical Air Control Party consist of 4 (Sometimes 6) soldiers

    An FAC (Cpl through to Major)
    Det Commander
    Det 2i/c

    This over simplify what we do a bit, however it's a good role to be in. One thing to bare in mind is the role often requires time off of work during the week because the RAF rarely fly at weekends!
  11. And make the brews...
  12. Yep, brew making whilst waiting for the RAF not to show up is the most valuable of skills :D
  13. As an outsider looking in on those FACers. They seem to spend an inordinate amount of time becoming alcoholicaly (or any other appropriate spelling) down graded. In truth they are an educated infanteers heaven lots of warry charging about in cam cream with radios except when they are 'on task' with the officers and then i'm afraid its all hotels and minibuses in foriegn parts not generally sandy but with loads of chance for a sunny sand tan if you want one.
  14. Why more people don't try to join this unit is beyond me. It is by a country mile the most Gucci role in the South West if not the whole of the TA.

    Loads of trips abroad, Czech Republic & USA on a regualr basis. Stay in good hotels cut around in top of the range Landrover Discovery's. No issue with MTD's. Work in small teams where everyone (as long as they pull their weight) is treated like a grown up. Good scalings on kit using up to date equipment. The chance to become an FAC and drop bombs on bad people. On top of this at weekends get to do a bit of soldiering too.
  15. ...and constant, constant ops?

    wild rumours circulate about 2 year FTRs 'contracts'???

    Could anyone comment?