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I am interested in joining the FAC(V) troop, however i know little about it and hopefully someone could give me some more information it.
- I understand the a new recruit goes through weekends and then a 2 week basic training course, following this what sort of training do you do and what does it involve in particular for a new recruit (as a driver/operator i believe). How long untill you become fully trained?
- What is the role of the driver/operator on the battlefield, and a TA tacp - there isn't a lot of detail on what you would do for example patrolling with the infantry and fighting? or being called in when needed or working from bunkers? If answering is breaching security please feel free to stop me, just curious into what I could be getting up to.
- Do many join without previous military experience or are most ex-regular?

I understand that there have been a few posts on this before but they are quite old now and hopefully you guys could give me some up to date info (or dispell the myths about 'making the brews'!!)
Many thanks,
Drop Forniup a PM.

I've sent the relevant pm's but most seem to have not been on for a while.

Perhaps someone else could give me some more information - I am hopefully going to go soon for a visit however it's a bit of a train journey so i was hoping someone could give me more info. Does anyone have any experience with the unit and what their training and job invovles - in particular for the driver/operator following his basic training?
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