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Bath Crawl

Bath Crawl-are you up for it?

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Right, I don't want to travel far for a pish up so who would be interested in going to this crawl? I'm provisonally looking at Oct 7th. Just after payday so no excuses on that front. And it's just about the right time away for cheap flights. Loads of cheap places to stay in Bath as well. Just think of all those corruptable students......

That's a yes from you then PTP isn't it???? :D
I'm in, its a bus ride away.

332 from Bristol.

Im not happy that they've taken the big slide out of Bath Park, that used to make the journey worthy as a kid.
You could always meet at the new Bath Spa which should have opened.....

Only three times over budget and six and a half years late!

Pillager said:
It looks nice though, I was tapping a girl that could see into the rooftop swimming pool!

Very nice (the girl and the pool)
I regret, Pillager, that I don't understand.

Was she a good tap?

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