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Bath Crawl likely start point

Where shall we kick off this sordid brilliant once in a lifetime gig?

  • Wetherspoons (C(o)unt of Wessex)

    Votes: 0 0.0%
  • Al Barone

    Votes: 0 0.0%
  • The Sarrie

    Votes: 0 0.0%
  • The Volunteer Rifleman (entrance includes free game of spoof- right!!)

    Votes: 0 0.0%
  • The Salamander

    Votes: 0 0.0%
  • The Slug (sorry Dale) and Lettuce

    Votes: 0 0.0%
  • The Hop Pole

    Votes: 0 0.0%
  • The Ram at Widcombe

    Votes: 0 0.0%
  • Bath RFC club-house

    Votes: 0 0.0%

  • Total voters
Please vote - if you intend to come - and maybe we can get a consensus going?

If not, third bench from the swings on the left in Vicky Park, bring own meths, looks favourite!
Well we are getting some polarisation here...Sarrie or Slug it appears. If this was some nancy Scandinavian proportional representation thang I'd give my transferable and apparently wasted vote to the Sarrie...
I only actually know Spoons and Slug despite living 20 minutes down the road. I guess i'm not such a seasoned alcoholic that I think I am.

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