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Discussion in 'ARRSE Social, Events & Networking' started by mac_uk, Feb 4, 2009.

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  1. I've been told that I want to have a night out in the Bristol area, sometime around March :D

    Anyone else interested in meeting up for drunken debauchery and merriment?

    Any thoughts on locations and decent drinking holes would be welcome
  2. You need to get just off the city centre, Corn St has a range of decent watering holes, there's a cider boat not far from there too.
  3. BATH!!!! Far classier than Bristol

    Oh wait....I forgot this was an ARRSE crawl.... ;)
  4. Would you really want the massed ranks of arrse infecting Bath?
  5. They recovered from Saints' visit....just, so i think they're ready for the next visit :twisted:
  6. I organised a crawl in Bath in Oct '06. About 9 or 10 Arrsers showed up (no names to protect the guilty!).

    I don't know about anyone else but I had a fecking awesome night! :D ;)
  7. IF thats the case surely we should all pile down dingos?!
  8. oh god no!!!!!!

    given the age range in that place i think we might end up having to be court witnesses for some arrsers...

    "she told him she was 18!!!" :lol:

  9. Aww don't worry kes, some of the guys in there might think it's grab a granny night so you might get some interest :lol:
  10. i think defo a bath night!! please no dingos!!!!!
  11. Woohoo!!! :D
  12. If you guys want something to do during the day leading up to the crawl then my work do all sorts of outdoor pursuits from paintball to quadbiking. We're bang smack in the middle of Bath & Bristol.
    Click here for our company website.
  13. Good call Smurf!
  14. Keynsham?
  15. Or we could stay in a nice warm clean pub all day ( its in Pensford BTW)