Discussion in 'RAC' started by Vent_Tube_Tester, Mar 2, 2009.

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  1. Can anyone put a year to when this came in, the best we can narrow it down to is between 82 & 84 :?
  2. 4RTR converted in Summer 1984, I did the last old-style course at Catterick and arrived at the regiment to find the C/S were changing and BATCO was being taught. First exercise was a disaster and led to primitive SOCs being acquired from the ScotsDG for quick attacks etc.
  3. Send key setting, over.
  4. AlienFTM

    AlienFTM LE Book Reviewer

    I did Griddle on my B3 Crewman Signaller course at Catterick in December 1975.
    One (part) tour of Omagh later and a move to Tidworth, May 1976 where we used Universal Griddle. (Same as, except the datum points were now fixed on 25km boundaries instead of random points.)
    Move to BAOR October 1977 where we started using Mapco (I now realise the thread title says Batco, not Mapco).
    Still no whisper of Batco on my Control Signaller Course in 1978.
    Still using Mapco in 3 Armd Div in June 1982 on my last exercise in 15/19H, but all operators (i.e. essentially everyone) were being trained in Batco as part of the Voice Procedure rewrite, effective IIRC 1 July 1982.
    Arrived in 1 Armd Div, November 1982 where Batco was king. Except that on the Div Log Net Slidex remained the dowager queen.
  5. 1984, just after 14/20H did the trial.....................
  6. Learnt mapco in training, 83, then got to Bn in 84 and had to learn batco
  7. I seem to remember being told that it was created/designed by several RAC RSWOs x 2 were 13/18 H and got their BEM's (But I was a naieve Tpr in 88) , 84 was the year
  8. I did a stint commanding Z0A in Batus and 0A himself had been part of the BATCO development. In light of this I made him read the one code sheet we got upside-down while I read it normally. It was still a race to beat him. :D
  9. I first came across it as a reservist on Ex Lionheart 84. Given a striker to command (never seen one of those before either) made life interesting.
  10. One might argue that, for you, it was a very realistic exercise - because that was how it would have been if Ivan had decided to spend his summer on the French beaches - except the bullets would have been real!

    How on earth did you cope? I once decoded a BATCO message and was 10kms out! I liked the Striker, though.

  11. I was ex 15/19 Hussars and had spent my entire career in Scorps and FSC. Only ever saw the Mk 5 big wheel ferret with Swingfire, and certainly never served on it.
    Going on Lionheart was an eyeopener. Got issued with shiny new kit at Pirbright including an SMG straight out of it's greaseproof wrapper. Never seen anything like it.
    Arrived at Gutersloh on a BA trident and was handed over to the 9/12 Lancers. Told to command a Striker despite my protestations to the contrary. Had a good crew who knew what they were doing, just blagged the rest, still got lost a lot. Not much different from when I was in really. Managed to get sacks full of pyro from my old regiment who were umpiring.
    That went down well with the Lancers as they seemed not to have been issued with much.
    The Strikers had thermal imajing kit installed, I remember doing trials on these back in Tidworth during the late 70's when we had a few Scorps fitted with it. They also had if I remember correctly, some sort of swingfire simulator fitted.
    Swapped all my new shiny kit for old crap before I went back to the UK (except for the small metel gun).
  12. Ahhh Batco Sheets -a great read for dyslexics when on stag
  13. Thermal imaging in 1984? No. There might have been an infra-red detector or an image intensified sight but thermal imaging was a decade away. TOGS was introduced to CF and CR1 in the late 80s. I worked on Striker in the late 70s and there was nothing like that planned, IIRC. Even WR and Scimitar didn't get TI until much later (damned if I can remember the name, though,... Osprey and, and ?????).

  14. Otis! :wink: