Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by PartTimePongo, Jun 4, 2003.

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  1. Don't fall over laughing I'm serious.  ;D

    If Batco could be made to work in it's present form , encrypted via SMS or EMS text messages via mobile or PDA , would it be an application worthy of consideration?

    If not, why not

    If yes, why yes? etc etc

  3. Hang on, I'll get me Nokia  ;D Oh bugger, I'd have to write the programme first, errrr which page we on, oh shag , now me pencils broke. Better do a PDA version first - ;)
  4. Why not buy the cellphone (manufacturer escapes me) with in-built encryption rated to NATO Secret and just talk to your oppo ?  See trade journals for the ads (AFCEA journal is where I saw it).  

    Let's face it, BATCO is crapper than a crap thing that has just graduated from Oxford with a post-graduate qualification in crap studies.  Will the enemy really pause for 5 minutes to let you get off a BATCO contact report - I think not.  The sooner we bin it the better.  
  5. A BATCO contact report????

    Do it in clear, they know where you are!! :eek:
  6. dont see why not but knowing the army the mobile will be bigger than the plt radio
  7. PtP.....really its just sad...but something I would have expected the TA to come up with.  Lets face it who really would use a batco edition for text messages?  Come on guys only a real saddo military nut...the type you would expect to see prowling the streets in combats "protecting the local populace"....
  8. PtP, have you been drinking?  Texting BATCO from a mobile via SMS?  Next you'll suggest sending morse via microwave link.
  9. The basic premise, bearing in mind the mobile is becoming increasingly more powerful, was a secure means for transmission of data. BATCO is not the best example, just an illustration, of sending coded transmissons via another means.

    Now Benfon are a biggish scandiwegian Telecoms company , but even there solution has to be operator enabled. Our isn't. It's an operator independent solution, and it works.
  10. I was under the impression that project Bowman will supply secure comms down to section level - maybe i'm wrong. A secure system to send SMS would be fine and dandy until you patrol out of the Orange footprint - or we could do it via satellite, then the equipment probably would end up bigger than the platoon radio.
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  12. This is the equipment currently being offered by one manufacturer.

    I know this because I got an e-mail yesterday, along the lines of "Our people should talk to your people"  ;D

    So no, BATCO isn't the best application, there isn't any need, when we can do encrypted menu cards which we're working on now. ;)
  13. GSM is actually relatively secure in it's own right.

    Beyond the capabilites of backyard operators for the most part anyhow and certainly more secure than the £20 PMR sets from Argos that more than a few people have taken to using in the absence of issued PRR
  14. IS Ski Geek

    IS Ski Geek War Hero Moderator

    Your havin a larf aint u  :-/
  15. Nope,

    Yer average arse with a scanner can't eavesdrop on yer convo via GSM.
    I'd say there are relatively few NGO's who can (your milage may vary).

    Depends on who wants to listen in....