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Don't fall over laughing I'm serious.  ;D

If Batco could be made to work in it's present form , encrypted via SMS or EMS text messages via mobile or PDA , would it be an application worthy of consideration?

If not, why not

If yes, why yes? etc etc

Hang on, I'll get me Nokia  ;D Oh bugger, I'd have to write the programme first, errrr which page we on, oh shag , now me pencils broke. Better do a PDA version first - ;)
Why not buy the cellphone (manufacturer escapes me) with in-built encryption rated to NATO Secret and just talk to your oppo ?  See trade journals for the ads (AFCEA journal is where I saw it).  

Let's face it, BATCO is crapper than a crap thing that has just graduated from Oxford with a post-graduate qualification in crap studies.  Will the enemy really pause for 5 minutes to let you get off a BATCO contact report - I think not.  The sooner we bin it the better.  


dont see why not but knowing the army the mobile will be bigger than the plt radio


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PtP.....really its just sad...but something I would have expected the TA to come up with.  Lets face it who really would use a batco edition for text messages?  Come on guys only a real saddo military nut...the type you would expect to see prowling the streets in combats "protecting the local populace"....
The basic premise, bearing in mind the mobile is becoming increasingly more powerful, was a secure means for transmission of data. BATCO is not the best example, just an illustration, of sending coded transmissons via another means.

BENEFON OYJ  PRESS RELEASE  MAY 7, 2003 at 15.00  

Location, telematics and SMS messages can now be secured with high-class encryption for the Benefon Track Pro and Esc! terminals

Salo, May 7, 2003 - Benefon launches today a solution for securing SMS communication. The new encryption application provides totally secure end-to-end data transmission for SMS, location and telematics messages and makes it virtually impossible to obtain a message unauthorised. The encryption also enables the secure identification and authentication of the message sender.

“Secure messaging has until now been a recognised problem among professional users of SMS communication. With the Benefon telematics terminals we can now secure location and other sensitive information sent using either plain SMS or telematics messages , thus meeting the demands of organisations whose workers’ safety might depend on it. We already have customers within the governmental sector that have requested the encryption method,” says Ismo Laitakari, Director of Business Development at Benefon.

The encryption application can be integrated from a service centre or organisation using a Benefon solution by sending an encryption key to the terminal, which automatically activates the application. The Benefon Track Pro and Esc! can also receive encrypted telematics messages.

The encryption will be available in May for the Benefon telematics terminals, the Benefon Track Pro and Benefon Esc!, and existing terminals can also be upgraded to use the method.

About Benefon

Benefon is the leader in GSM/GPS mobile telematics terminals and solutions. Headquartered in Salo, Finland, Benefon has designed and manufactured wireless terminals for GSM and NMT systems since 1988. Please visit Benefon's website at

Now Benfon are a biggish scandiwegian Telecoms company , but even there solution has to be operator enabled. Our isn't. It's an operator independent solution, and it works.


I was under the impression that project Bowman will supply secure comms down to section level - maybe i'm wrong. A secure system to send SMS would be fine and dandy until you patrol out of the Orange footprint - or we could do it via satellite, then the equipment probably would end up bigger than the platoon radio.
This is the equipment currently being offered by one manufacturer.

I know this because I got an e-mail yesterday, along the lines of "Our people should talk to your people"  ;D

So no, BATCO isn't the best application, there isn't any need, when we can do encrypted menu cards which we're working on now. ;)
GSM is actually relatively secure in it's own right.

Beyond the capabilites of backyard operators for the most part anyhow and certainly more secure than the £20 PMR sets from Argos that more than a few people have taken to using in the absence of issued PRR

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GSM is actually relatively secure in it's own right.

Your havin a larf aint u  :-/

Yer average arse with a scanner can't eavesdrop on yer convo via GSM.
I'd say there are relatively few NGO's who can (your milage may vary).

Depends on who wants to listen in....



Yer average arse with a scanner can't eavesdrop on yer convo via GSM.
I'd say there are relatively few NGO's who can (your milage may vary).

Depends on who wants to listen in....

why dont we all just get a bloke with a thick accent to be the signaller
We've got one of those, and I can't understand a word he says on the net  ;)

Ok, I'm working on a menu driven batco type system for mobies and PDAs , based on Symbian 7. So may post a demo sometime in the next couple of weeks.  ;D

Errrrrr yes, it did sound Ubergeek didn't it?  :-/
I'm just giggling at the encoded contact report.... ;D

Fcuking hell fella's....... :mad:

its not rocket science.....
best get the pam 2 out :-[

anything to replace S.O.C's in the pipeline?

as bid 300c failed dismally...... :-/

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