Bat fastard

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by thaneoFife, May 7, 2012.

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  1. "At school I was bullied about having big ears" Don't you mean "Jug-eared fat bastard"?
  2. I think it is unfair to mention his jug ears.
  3. Mr Martin, who is 5ft 9in tall, has already lost 10cm of his girth. 'It's been a tough process, but I've been trying to stick to my new diet regime.

    Read more: Keith Martin: Horrifying life of world's fattest man | Mail Online

    10cms? 10 feckin cms? thats 4 inches, but his "waste" is 6 foot. I ve done a bit of maths, 6ft=72 inches, 72 divided by the 4 he s "lost" = 18 years, he s lost the 4 inches in, say, 1 year, so the Docs are right, he ll be dead next year.

    Fat Cunt
  4. I know this is the NAAFI so I should have more sense.. but..

    The fat cunt can't work, so he hasn't got any money. He can't walk to the shops and get his own food, so he is reliant on his carers to feed him. Why the fuck are they still feeding him 20,000 calories a day!?! Quite apart from the common sense issue of this (cos I've lost all faith in our wellfare system to use that..) how about the harm implications - they are helping him damage his health even more. If he asked them to buy him razor blades so he could self harm, would they?

    I fucking despair of this country. We should kill him and feed him to starving kids in Africa..
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  5. I used to eat the contents of 4 Macdonald Restaurants, plus fries and an apple turnover for lunch. Now, I can honestly say I don't even miss food. I have to do this for myself and my family.'

    Read more: Keith Martin: Horrifying life of world's fattest man | Mail Online

    Slightly edited.

    I m fuckin certain you dont miss any food, you fuckin Vortex.
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  6. I've become so used to seeing stories of woe involving self inflicted incapacity which is funded by the tax payer, I find myself unable to become outraged. A simple shake of the head and that's it! Can we borrow the new French President and have a revolution?
  7. Twat should be transported to John O Groats and told to walk home eating only what he can scavenge from hedgerows!
  8. Fair call, that was insensitive of me.
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  9. Watch your persec mukker!
  10. I m sure the manufacturors of these Goods are well chuffed for some Freeby advertising:


    (Taken with the widest angle Wide-angle lense available on the market)