BAT Article in Craftsman

So, by now I expect most of you will have seen the letter written by one of the corps premier tradesmen on the state of reme aviation. Now obviously someone will have read it to the toolies so they'll know about it too!! Any comments from the black hat section!! (Assume all the smurf jokes have already been done!!)
Don't start a thread which is derogatory to females or BATS as the Moderator will end up clamping down on you.


As an aside though, my missus reckons Neutrogena is better than Nivea on the hands....BATS discuss.
Not a black hat but I read the article and letter in the rescent craftsman.

If mister Jablowme above had an adult reading age then maybe he could have added to this discussion instead of just scanning the mag for pictures of his mates.

As it is zapped you should have titled this topic "end of tech time promotion" as this would have gotten a far bigger reaction from all those trogs who dont look out sde of their own field. This is also what Major Atkinson of SO2 DEME(a) implies on page 188 and the possible reintroduction of tech pay! I for one would welcome this long over due review of aviation pay (especially if a bit of back pay is involved).

I would also like to thank the artisan who wrote the letter for having the minerals to do something that isnt in his own interest and sticking his neck out like our more highly paid "leaders of men" should be.

As an aside to this I have it from a source at seae that there is a plan to introduce a couple of grand bounty for completion of upgraders within the next two years. Anyone else heard this or care to start their own rumours?

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