Bastion medical photo report BBC


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colnel_mustard said:
why the * should terry get the same treatment as us
Er....cos it's also the LAW ( have they updated that Cold war video yet ?)
cf LOAC in Arrsepedia

It also counts as enlightened self interest........the THEORY is that if you behave with a modicum of decency towards the enemy, his guys are less likely to use any prisoners that they manage to nab for a traditional game of buzkashi - using soldier's head in place of goat.

Not a theory I would wish to put to the test as far as Terry Tee is concerned....
CRATED . . . . .You know who you are. You're quick enough to get me & there are only 2 of you with widows peaks like that & one of them wasn't there. Welsh bloke, mine's a Stella & a Vodka from the Navy bloke :)
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