Bastion Internet Terminals....

Discussion in 'The ARRSE Hole' started by slashface, Jul 27, 2008.

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  1. ...all you FL|cking goons in the terminal rooms at Bastion 2 can go shag yer mothers....Frigging ALL of you watchin videos on You Tube or watching yourselves on Facebook and Bebo and downloading shitty pictures hogging all the bandwidth so guys like me cannot even get to open up an EMAIL to send home (or to download my own shitty pictures)....

    Go away and die in a fire, you bunch of internet spastics.
  2. Someones tired
  3. Remember kids, don't smoke crack. Just say no to drugs!
  4. So slashface wastes more bandwith with a little rant!
  5. Thats a bit extreme.
  6. you forgot emotional as well :roll:
  7. Made my day this post.

    How about standing up and saying something if it gripes.

    You truly are the definition of an Internet Warrior.
  8. and another new member bites the arrse dust - see you in the hole tosspot.
  9. WOW
    thats was a few seconds of my life I will sorely miss,
    fcuking hell man
  10. I hated fuckin' waiting for internet. YOU guys are lucky, they built extra cabins, on herrick 7 it was just the two cabins and the waiting time was ages. Best time to get on is about half past 8 in the morning, however the choggies clean up at 9 when your flung off.
  11. You would be grateful if all you had was bluey.