Bastion - blue on blue

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by BaldricksBullet, Feb 27, 2008.

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  1. All over the news here in Denmark. Three AFVs... bloke in the cuppola of the middle one mounts his MG (Mech Inf). According to one paper locks, loads, sights on his mucker in jest, the rest is obvious... Colonel of the Jægerkorps (Para plus kinda Reg) is claiming that the Danish troops are not experienced or mature enough (probably because basic training is down to 2 days with fag breaks now). Government and any officer they can put in front of a camera at the moment is claiming the opposite... highly trained troops - average age 29 & average experience 10 years.

    Me... it's an ND of the worst kind... and no discipline whatsoever... (that said - was v.impressed in Basra)

    Any language acceptable exept RIP

    And while I'm at it - read this by Khaled Hossini the other day (not by him but that's where I got it) It's an Afghan saying - "The only enemy the Afghans can not beat is themselves." - Discuss that if you like, but know your history.

    This I hope will be the only RIP on the thread. RIP - F'in shame.
  2. Why don't you want any more RIP's?

    Not his fault he's dead. (if I got the wrong end of the stick let me know)
    Bad TTP's - if the info is correct, then no excuse for this. What a stupid way to fcuck your life up
  3. Shame indeed. I understand your thinking about avoiding a grief - fest so I won't expand on that.

    Jeff Cooper's four rules of firearms safety really cover it all:

    1) All guns are loaded.
    2) Never let the muzzle cover anything you are not prepared to see destroyed.
    3) Keep your finger off the trigger until your sights are on the target.
    4) Identify your target and what is behind it.

    Keep on top of that lot and you've got it sorted.
  4. I always add one more...

    5) The best safety device lies between the ears.
  5. All dogs bite, and all horses kick. Three bits of advice my dad gave me, still remember it 30 odd years later.
  6. When I am instructing I add what I call a "supplementary rule". It doesn't add anything that the other four rules have missed it's just to help condition the student to apply rule (1).

    It is:

    "Don't ask - make sure."

    You might remember the old poster of the skeleton holding an SLR.
  7. Don't point that fecking weapon at me is a rule I stick by. The first lesson involves pain and picking yourself up off the ground and looking for your teeth (now unloaded)
  8. Because grief whoring is soooo 2007.

    Weapons safety may be indoctrinated with us brits from the first time we set eyes on a weapon, it appears not so with some nations' units.
  9. Because this thread has a weapon / ammunition safety theme and RIPs can mutilate threads. Plus the victim and the offender weren't Brits and it would seem wrong to have a ream of RIPs from people without a genuine vested interest. That said... go ahead RIP-away if you do have some connection or feel it's right.

    Words of wisdom from the AT... and the same goes for ammunition handling, marking, storage, respect.
  10. Not really a blue on blue this.

    More like a fcuk up of gargantuan perportions.

    Clearly a case of not engaging brain.
  11. It's nearly as good as the UK Sponsored Bastion incident in June 2007 that saw someone doing dry training with live rounds.

    The ineveitable happened and the poor bloke in the adjacent building didn't know what had hit him as the blood poured from his legs...

    The Gimp has given the best advice so far.
  12. "The only times you point this weapon at someone, something will be flying at high velocity towards them. This will either be the round you just fired, or your teeth that I've just kicked out."
  13. After 300 years the British Army devised some pretty easy to follow and perfectly safe weapon handling drills and yet every year there are fcuck ups such as this incident involving the Danes.

    Simple case of do what you are trained to do and it won't happen!
  14. For any interested here is a LINKYTHING
  15. Thanks for that BB. Was curious about the reasoning more than anything else.