Bastille day parade live: now on...

Spot the RM bootneck in the parade.....

Now that the parade is over, I have removed the link so as not to subject you to Mr Normal's, a.k.a François Hollande, interview.
The Paris and Marseille fire brigades belong to the armed forces; Navy for Marseille and Army (Engineers) for Paris, hence the FAMAS; all the others are civilians.
............should have been balanced with 'Chant de Collaborateurs'

On the other hand, some of them girlies looked rather pert. Nope, I don't care that most probably bat for the other side.
Fat Frenchies are rare until middle age and even then less common than here. There's a much stronger cultural imperative to look good, as opposed to actually being fit.
One of life's mysteries. How come there are not more French examples like the USA and UK (fatties on scooters), when most of their cuisine consists of meat covered in butter-based sauces? Over the years, my admiration for the French has increased, particularly their ability to turn out quality wine. We still beat them hands down on Pomp and Ceremony though.

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