Bastille day military parade 2009 in Paris

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by fantassin, Jul 7, 2009.

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  1. If you are in Paris in or around the 14th of July, here is an opportunity to see the biggest military parade West of Moscow....

    The following equipment will be presented:

    Camion équipé d'un système d'artillerie (CAESAR, a truck mounted 155 SP Gun soon to be deployed in A-stan), Véhicule blindé de combat d'infanterie (VBCI), the newest French IFV which will be presented on this parade for the first time, Sagaie (ERC90), Petit véhicule protégé (PVP), VAB APC, AMX 10RC (all light armoured vehicles), Leclerc MBT, and many others like AUF1 SP Guns or the engineers' heavy stuff (EBG, MPG, MFRD, MATS, EFA.....).

    The fly past will be carried out by the following types of aircrafts:

    Fixed wings Alphajet, C135-FR, Mirage 2000, E3F, Super Etendard, Rafale, CN235 Casa, C160 Transall, Xingu, ATL2, Falcon 50, Grob 120, TB 30, CL 415 and rotary wings Gazelle Mistral, Gazelle Vivianne, EC665 Tigre, AS532 Cougar, SA330 Puma, EC725 Caracal, SA 321G Super Frelon, Lynx, Dauphin, Panther, Fennec and EC 135/145.

    There will be early morning rehearsals between the 9th and the 12th of July and the real deal will be on the 14th, the fly past (fixed wings) starting at 1035, then the dismounted units, then the mounted units, then the final flypast (helos).

    For details of units and types/number of aircrafts:

    After the parade, the various units will go to different locations in Paris IOT conduct an open day with the population.

    More info there:
  2. This year's guests of honour are the Indian Armed Forces.
  3. Will the parade include Fance's most used military tactic of surrendering to somoene?
  4. Originality is in short supply around here lately.
  5. Read his sig block Petergriffin, it explains it all there!
  6. Always a good parade with the Legion Etranger taking pride of place [after all they're the ones who are liable to pour morte la France].
  7. Just watched the flypast rehearsal, nice interlude from work.
  8. I suppose it will be the last one for the Super Frelon helicopters...only 7 remain on the inventory and they require so much maintenance...
  9. The French Armed Forces have come a long way since the humilation of 1940.

    With Cyclops ruining Britain,it may be our turn next.