Bastard Children

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Infiltrator, Nov 22, 2011.

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  1. There is a guy at work that has had his sprogs out of wedlock. To my mind that makes them bastards. However, he claims that as he subsequently married the mother after their births this then legitamises them.

    I reckon once a bastard always a bastard, he'd have needed to marry before they were born.

    Who is right please?
  2. Ravers

    Ravers LE Reviewer Book Reviewer

    I was 1 when my parents got married, I suppose that makes me a bastard.

    Makes sense when I think about it actually, I really am quite a cunt.
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  3. Neither, they are kids born to 2 people. Doesn't matter if the parents were married or not.

    Bum, prostrate milking, and hairy fannies
  4. Well my parents were married when I turned up but my dad often said I was a bastard and a cnut ....all very confusing.
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  5. My parents were married when I was born, but I still think of myself as a complete and utter bastard.

    (Both of my friends agree with this so it must be true.)
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  6. Mines a bastard, she is also 12lb of shit machine and I am about a week away from selling the cunt if she doesnt start fucking sleeping..
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  7. If he's a left-footer, then he's correct (canon 1139.) Historically, if the parents were betrothed, then the kids were legitimised by any subsequent marriage. If not, it used to have to be within a certain time (often a year.)

    Frankly, nowadays, who cares?
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  8. i;m a bastard and i love it im also a fucking dirty and dont give a fuck prick
  9. You can't sell her as you'll miss out on showing the little fuckers their own school photos when they reach 14 and start getting fucking lippy.

    Imagine wee Ms Chavez's face when her first boyfriend see's them once you've had a play with PhotoShop.

  10. Well you better get a move on, Thanksgiving is nearly upon us and the market for free range babies will slump.
  11. Welcome to the insomniacs club - she'll will eventually start sleeping through when she's about two years old because then the tantrums start, hope that helps.

    But don't worry, you'll be too exhausted from the second job to pay for childcare that you will sleep through a rock concert.

    Kids - little bundles of joy and massive expense.
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  12. They're not a bastard, they're a luuuurrve child
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  13. Ravers is right, he is a Cunt!

    This is sooooo 1800s, does it matter? if he had ten kid by all different birds and refused to acknowedge the fact by maintaining them then he's a cunt, but other than that whats the fucking Drama here!
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  14. SHEDS!!
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  15. He is:

    Legitimacy Act 1976

    2 Legitimation by subsequent marriage of parents..

    Subject to the following provisions of this Act, where the parents of an illegitimate person marry one another, the marriage shall, if the father of the illegitimate person is at the date of marriage domiciled in England and Wales, render that person, if living, legitimate from the date of the marriage..