Bassingbourne memories

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Buggerknuckles, Nov 12, 2012.

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  1. I went through Bassingbourn years ago (early 80's) when it was Depot Queens Div. There was a pub just outside the wire which we used to use,.....anyone remember what the hell it was called???
  2. The Antelope?
  3. old_fat_and_hairy

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    The Antelope was the one at the side of the golf course, long turned into a private house
  4. wagon and horses. Out gate turn left 500m. Turn right about a K was another one somthing arms I think.
    I was there 74-75 and then again 80-82 and a short visit in 85/86 when they were filming full metal jacket.
  5. loooong time since i went through Basssingbourne, '85
  6. Iirc it was the antelope, I went passed it a couple of years ago and it is now shut and in a bad state.
  7. I think I know the one your on about but I too can't remember the name, I do however remember the green man and use chequers in nearby royston, where some very good times were had
  8. I was there in 84. Shithole of a cookhouse. Cockroach infested downstairs and cockroach and sparrow infested upstairs. Still makes me heave thinking about it
  9. Thats cos every other pub in Royston refused to serve lads from 'The Camp' in fact i think i got turfed out of the green man, Chequers never had a problem with us
  10. I arrived just after the new cookhouse opened
  11. Had a couple of meals in there later on in my tatty career. It was pretty good.

    The original cookhouse was a dump. There was a Scots SSgt from ACC who used to stand outside when the TA were there and welcome them with the phrase, "Good morning STABs" before letting the regulars (or "real soldiers" as he called them) go round them.

    Once you were in all you could hear was the crunch of cockroach under boots.
  12. There was a nice story about monty's original driver being reunited with the Sherman after the REME had spent a long time getting the engine running. The old boy asked the obvious question and was invited to start her up. When the engine ran, he cried.

    As for The Antelope: a stripper sat on my face on the stage. Ahhh, happy memories.
  13. It was still there in 82/83

    As for the cook house in my 3rd week of basic the orderly officer was doing his rounds and asked if everything was ok.. in our naivete 4 of us told him our chicken was still bleeding, we just were not ready for the shit storm that followed with 2 chefs being doubled off to the guardroom.
    That was a lesson on protocol by the time every nco had finished with us.
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