Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Soldier Recruitment' started by soldier.a, Apr 15, 2008.

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  1. I was having a look at Bassingbourn to familiarize myself with the camp from Google Maps and I can't seem to find the 300m firing range.

    Can someone point it out to me? Many thanks.

    Is anyone heading here soon?
  2. Thanks.

    It's a bit of a trip isn't it?
  3. Not really it will only take you a couple of hours to march there.
  4. Or run, it's exactly 8 miles as the crow flies. :eek:
  5. Crows dont fly. They get beasted.
  6. 16 mile round trip. Youll love doing that every other day. If you search the threads you'll find some of the posts about it.
  7. Location of 300m range can be found on Google earth

    52 06'00.61N / 0 03'34.50W

    or go clockwise around main run way. reference right angle turn to the right. just after turning right on main runway see track to left. follow track NNW and 300m range is ahead of you.
  8. That is the 100m range. :wink:

    Oh yeah I think I have heard about it. Saves on costs apparently. By the time you get there you only have time to fire one round before you have to be heading back again so double savings on fuel and ammunition! :roll:

    Although if they let you take potshots at the locals it might just be worth it...
  9. Barton Road range, as featured in .. Full Metal Jacket.
  11. I trained at Bassingbourn and I used the on site range and Barton Road, yes its a coach trip and back but if you CFT'd it there and back in the regulated time!

    Piece of pish man! :D