My 16 year old (Female Type) is off to ATR Bassingbourn in September. Not having been there myself I don't know the camp or locality.

I've seen the website but these thing never tell you what the place is REALLY like.

So has anybody got any info about the place that she might find handy? Who/where to avoid etc?
In the middle of Herts....ex RAF/ USAF base..its actually not bad...easy to get to Cambridge and London.

Appeared in the film 'Full Metal Jacket' as the training camp before they went to Vietnam. The palm trees they planted were still there a few years ago...

Mr Happy

Groundie said:
Im an ex instructor there and left in December its crap and i mean that.
I did my recruits there in 1988 and PJNCO in 1992 and he's right - it is.

Seriously, the airfield REALLY is 3miles in circumference, I drove it once to check but when you are there it goes on for ever.

The mess was always busy but not soo bad, food was of reasonable quality. The NAAFI was OK as I recall and facilities were fine.

Of course, add ten years to all of that and change it into an ITC from The Queens Div.


I passed out from ATR Bassingbourn just over a year ago...

It's ok - a long basic training for juniors! You do a lot of education work as well as all the military training - you get your key skills qualifications. It's got a Spar and a NAAFI (no alcohol!) and that's it, but in basic training I guess you don't really get time for much else.

Once you've passed your week six test, you're allowed out on the weekends (provided no one messes up...) and we used to pay £2 for the taxi to Royston train station and head off to Cambridge/Stevenage. Royston's alright, a nice little town, not much there though...

Any specific questions? I'll answer them if I can...


No, don't reckon you could get away with that nowadays - unless you're SAS or something!
i hope its not that bad coz when i join i think thats where i will go!
I worked in the medical centre for a while and was disgusted by the way the NCO's were accomodated. I enjoyed the work and the other instructors were bl*ody good blokes but the Corporals mess was never open therefore we NCO's had nowhere to socialise. NNAFI was well equiped though.
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