CQMS said:
It's a big fenced off thingy with lots of shouty men and bangy guns just outside Cambridge.
It's actually near Sandy, but you won't want to go near him, he's nasty.
Cabana said:
Pretty small place...not much to see. Apparently only 4000 people live there.
And apparently 3000 of them can't wait to get out!

I took a walk around there two weeks ago, going down memory lane. The only thing I saw of interest was a Para officer on a bike with a basket looking lost!
Caged, you'll be fine. Everyone worries about it, for no particular reason. The thing that helps is that out of your platoon/troop everyone is in the same boat........lost.

Good luck.

[edited cause me is a spellung god/and my spule cheker is talking to the dog!]
Yes, I was there when 'men were men, and sheep were scared!' (1999 - 2000)

Just bear in mind that this is the place to learn, when you move onto ITC/RSME/SEME/Blandford these are the places where it gets tough.

Got alot of mates who have gone on, in time, to instruct at Bassingborne (who are still there) and they're not interested in making your life anymore difficult than it has to be. Why? Because if your life is difficult, then their's is ten times more!

Take it all with a pinch of salt, and you'll have no problems.

(God I hate Dale's keyboard!)

[Edited, for the same reasons as above]
Its an old WW2 airfield that the army took over some years ago for Phase 1 recruit training...... Its not too far from IWM Duxford....
The drill sceens from 'Full Metal Jacket ' were filmed there. The 'Hue city' sceens were film in London Docklands, shame to see thay haven't done anything with the place since.

The (real, original) Memphis Belle flew from there in WW2, hence the naffi is called the Memphis.........well you get the drift?

[Edited again, my spuling chekers gone man down!]
It has it's own micro-climate - feckin freezin. Not the horizontal rain sennybridge style, nor the evilness of OTA, but Bassingbourn was cold 360 days of the year and 30 degrees the other 5 days.
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