Bassingbourn Vs. Harrogate

Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Soldier Recruitment' started by Mr.X, Jun 21, 2008.

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  1. I'm going for junior entry in September and need to choose between AFC and ATR. Any advice?
  2. Should be an easy choice Harrogate all the way :)
  3. Harrogate. The food will be infinitely better...
  4. Harrogate.
    You get special service 1to1. More time. Better mates.
  5. There is only one way to settle this vs discussion, the Thunderdome!

    Two recruits enter, one recruit leaves. :)
  6. :D Hi there. Are you going to Harrogate on 7th September? My son is & Im trying to meet some others to help each other out. :?
  7. Hopefully I'm going in September, but It depends on my medical forms clearing
  8. To be honest, the people I've known to go to Harrogate have all said it's shit.. and they wanted to go to bassingbourn because you aren't there for as long. I have a mate who's in bassingbourn and absolutely loves it. I've been told you get treated like a kid in Harrogate.
  9. Well it is a training establishment for young men...
  10. True, but supposedly in bassingbourn you get treated more like an adult.

    I however, have been to neither, so I don't really know.
  11. You are speaking the truth mcclurg. However, in a longer period of time for focusing on the individual recruits, surely Basic training will give a better and more detailed insight into what will be required of you throughout Phase 2 and your Army career...
  12. It all depends on your age/capbadge choice and how quickly you want to get to phase 2.

    IIRC correctly, Harrogate do 42 weeks, and Bassingbourn do 24/26 weeks.

    I have friends at both, (As instructors) and I have previously served at Bassingbourn.

    Having spoken to both, I would learn towards Bassingbourn, as you do get treated a little more 'grown up'.
  13. That's true, but it depends on how the focus on you: as an adult, or as a child.
  14. Go to bassingbourn mate trust me!

    Harrogate is like bein a school or something, and seriously wouldnt feel like basic training at all (no offence to anyone that passed-off there) the time you spend in there is ages and 14 weeks of basic is long enough compared to a whole year....

    I done basic in bassingbourn, and has the best training staff ever, they do their job when they need to but on your time off they can bring themselves down to your level unlike some camps.... probably the same for harrogate being young recruits, but the JE for bassingbourn is only 20 weeks long, did i mention about 6 weeks isnt training.... battlefield tour, week adventure training, week range camp, total of 2 weeks leave, weekends off after 7 weeks you get a family visit......

    Either way though they are both good ATR's but trust me bassingbourn is quality, decent gym, accomodation is good, NAFFI, exercise areas they even hav a feckin ski-slope there......

    Good luck in your career mate. Glenn.
  15. Just to add too, my younger mate went to harrogate and said he suffered absolute boredom at harrogate and wished he went to bassingbourn too, your best to crack on with basic as fast as possible so id choose the latter.