Bassingbourn v. Harrogate

I'm 16 and was planning to go to Harrogate in September. Went to selection in Feb but got deferred on medical and am still waiting for that to be sorted out.

There is now a chance that I might miss my place at Harrogate so I'm looking at Bassingbourn as an alternative.

Can anyone tell me the pros and cons of each place and which one you would go for as the webs not much help.

Also are you allowed dental braces at Bassingbourn if you are junior entry?

Thanks in advance
My son considered Bassingbourn as an alternative to Harrogate and from what I can gather it is less like high school/college and more like the training you get in an adult training regiment. The training course is about 22 weeks long - the recruitment office should be able to give you more info. As for the braces - I don't know the answer to that sorry.

A :eek:
When is your birthday Jimbo, you can go to AFC until your 17.1 years old. As an ex recruiter and having a son at AFC I would say its more beneficial to go to AFC to build you up better over 42 weeks. The education side I would say is better and its a easier pace for you to mature better. ADC Bassingbourn is good and in some respects a lot of people who dont enjoy the educational side prefer going here, even so youll still do lots of education. Regarding braces it will be the same which ever training establishment you go to so once your med defferals sorted get yourself into the careers office and you may still get September (if your too old for January intake)

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