Bassingbourn Training, height issues

Discussion in 'The Training Wing' started by longen, Dec 6, 2006.

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  1. First of all this is my first post on the website.

    Ok first of all i was wondering what the training is like at bassingbourn as im starting my basic training in early 2007 as a junior entry.

    2nd is i wanted 2 know if my height will be a issue as i want 2 join the royal armoured core but im 6f6 and im only 16.... :eek: also do you guys know what the kent regiment for armoured core is, Thanks.
  2. Longen - nice to have you here.

    A few simple things that you should respect here and in your further military career if you make the grade.

    1 - Try and spell correctly, a mistake, a typo or the odd ignorance of a certain word is excusable; using text style speak isn't.

    2 - Try and use a spell checker, look for one on the net and use it, learn from it - they do work.

    6ft 6' might be a tad too tall for the armoured corps (note spelling) as the drivers compartment is slightly cramped. In my honest opinion, go for a trade, that's were money and promotion, job satisfaction and a career after the military lie.


    Edited for preaching before a spell checker was used :oops:
  3. Ok i understand.