Bassingbourn in September.

Discussion in 'The Training Wing' started by Al_PacinO, May 30, 2007.

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  1. Just wondering if theres anyone on here that is off to Bassingbourn in September :D If there is what are you going to do. :?
  2. I know a fullscrew being posted there in september :D
  3. Well I'll probably see him. Whats it like the place living conditions, the camp and the overall training. Is it a lot harder than Harrogate. :D looking forward to getting my balls busted :D
  4. What are you joining mate ?
  5. Royal Engineers :D
  6. Oooh the fullscrew is RE as well, he's going to have you. The place is an old RAF camp, and the accomadation is 12 man rooms, but are diveded into 3 sections of 4, so it's a little better than the 'bad lads army' style.

    The training is progressive, not hard, but alot of bullshit like Bracing up to NCO's, marching everywhere, calling your corporals 'corporal', instead of there name. All of these points are completely useless and won't happen at your unit.

    I think it's now 22 weeks so it's going to horrible for you, but after a few weeks you adapt to the lifestyle so it is bareable.
  7. Can't wait :D the quicker my training is done the better. I went through that stuff it the ADSC so it will just be the same really only for 22 weeks.
  8. Isn't that where they filmed Full Metal Jacket and left that luvverly assault course !!!!
  9. I was at Bassingbourn in Sep 72, it was different.
  10. Aren't those 'useless points' what is known as instilling military discipline?

    I thought basic was now 14 weeks? When did 22 come in?

    FMJ assault course isn't used, and hasn't been for a long time (I did my Basic there in 98 and it hadn't been used for a long time then).
  11. the 22 week course is junior training. I did 17 in 2004.

    The place is ok. The gym is a big hanger and the mile and a half is round the airfield (the most soul destroying thing on a hot day when theres that huge long straight on the runway)

    Accom. isnt bad really. it couldve been alot worse and the naafi and sally army bits are good (if you're allowed the privelidge of using them) Jus stick in, keep your mouth shut an good luck.
  12. Biped

    Biped LE Book Reviewer

    Bassingbourne - loverly place it is too! More so when you are doing the rounds of the fence around the airfield.

    Happiest days of my life watching lads trying to kick their way out of the CS shed!
  13. Cow

    Cow LE

    Bullshit is it? Why should you not call someone by their rank? Marching is there for a reason. Yes there's stuff you do which you won't do in a working unit but its the basis of your Army training.
  14. So when said new trainee finally gets to a working unit he isn't likely to pay much attention to respect for rank if they are getting advice such as above. Therefore when they get to the working unit with this attitude do not complain about Gobby sprogs
  15. Spent a while at Bassingbourne, which if I remember rightly; is near Cambridge (I lived in Peterborough). Found the place, the staff, and the recruits all good. Found the catering, erm shall we say : "problematic".

    The ACC done things a lot different. And they did them willingly.

    Your new "Chefs" don'tmix with the customers (half the battle). It's not just a job, feeding, and working with those guys, it's a vocation. Why not be remembered by the trainees, and personalities, and try to make a difference?

    I remember a weightily challenged "chef" getting upset in Bassingbourne, when he was asked for a tea urn - for the lads on the cold, wet Ranges. Arse, boot , bang bang. In my day....

    No offence or prejudice intended.