Bassingbourn In August

Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Soldier Recruitment' started by Yarco, Mar 13, 2008.

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  1. I Got a letter today saying that I would be starting my basic training in August today, I'm really disappointed to be honest as my Careers Officer told me I was looking at April/May, Its along time to wait :(

    Im also had confirmed that Im going to Bassingbourn, This wasn't a shock to me because I found it out through the internet, My Advisor told me I would either be going Pirbright or Wnchester.

    All I can do now is get in really good shape I suppose Ive got 5 months to really knuckle down!

    EDIT: Bad Spelling, As Usual
  2. If your JE, I was told JE is now at Winchester.
  3. Good on you for joining up and good luck.

    My advise would be to use the extra time to build up your fitness levels.

    Also, you can use the time to learn how to put a sentence together properly. :wink:

  4. Ha Ha! Im of on sunday! :D
  5. nah Im not mate im 21, 22 By the time I start
  6. Oh right, that explains it then.
  7. I love irony.
  8. Same here, got a letter back in feb saying im off to bassingbourn in august as well. You are not alone, lol
  9. I prefer "coppery" myself but I do know what you mean. Such a misleading title for the thread, could so easily have been something nice such as "Bassingbourn in August is lovely, the roses are simply spectacular"

    To those waiting for August - look on the bright side, you are actually going.