Bassingbourn barracks bum bandits

Discussion in 'The ARRSE Hole' started by muffmuncher, Feb 19, 2009.

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  1. OK well I heard a rumour that at bassingbourn barracks the lads like to shove pencils up each others backsides im sure its just a load of bullshit but it made me think seeing as the person I heard it from is in the army, anyone else heard this one? Is it true :?
  2. Congratulations, the first wah of the night!
  3. Aaaaaaaand... another quality thread leaves the slipway.
    To The Hole.
  4. Absolutely unfounded. It's marker pens FFS 8O Get your facts straight please and stop causing trouble.
  5. Indeed. But worryingly BBBB pencils do exist:

    BBBB. :Soft and black extra size lead (for full, rich, deep shading) 8O
  6. No. ....Marker Pens :wink: Push, twist, withdraw. For that lingering sensation.
  7. Welcome to ARRSE.


    Water Washable Dry-Wipe Markers actually. Or, for real "commitment" - Permanent Marker.
  8. I bow to your knowledge in this area Jarrod!
  9. I wouldn't bow too low, you never know.
  10. This perhaps....

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  11. Typical of today's Army, should be using chinagraph, why in my day blah blah blah
  12. Begs the question - when does MuffMuncher start Phase 1 at Bassingbourn Barracks?!
  13. MuffMuncher is a she, I heard by the way.
  14. When they said "retention" was a problem for the Army, didn't realise that they now tested for it, so early on!
  15. Sure it wasn't someone dressed in Navy Blue and mentioned the Golden Rivet :D :D :D
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