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Bassingbourn barracks bum bandits

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OK well I heard a rumour that at bassingbourn barracks the lads like to shove pencils up each others backsides im sure its just a load of bullshit but it made me think seeing as the person I heard it from is in the army, anyone else heard this one? Is it true :?
Gubmint_Agent said:
Aaaaaaaand... another quality thread leaves the slipway.
To The Hole.
Indeed. But worryingly BBBB pencils do exist:

BBBB. :Soft and black extra size lead (for full, rich, deep shading) 8O


Book Reviewer
Its true

Its a new technique used by the drill sergeants to refine drill.

If they see a spirograph type drawing on the parade ground they know they have got it right.
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