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Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Soldier Recruitment' started by soldier.a, Mar 26, 2008.

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  1. Hello gents/ladies, I'm new here so hello everyone.

    I'm currently going through the application process to join the army. I've passed selection (11m.07s 1.5 mile runtime) and I've not really had any problems other than my fitness which has been a bit of a struggle but hey I'm getting there so no worries.

    I'm going for the RAC so I was a bit puzzled to be told I would be attending ATR Pirbright initially. When I queried this I was then told this was wrong and I would actually be attending Bassingbourn.

    Naturally I'm going to be raising this with my recruitment office ASAP but shouldn't I be going to Winchester or is this a non-issue? Many thanks for your assistance.
  2. As a HCav hopeful I'll be going to Pirbright.

    But I beg the the question: Why did you feel it neccesary to put your run time in the post? You passed selection and well done for that, but isn't it slightly showy-offy to post one's run time?
  3. onnot with a run time like that it aint!!

    no matter where you go mate you want a 9.30 or the phys'll kill ya when it comes to the lessons because you'll be hanging!
  4. Sorry thought I was trying to be helpful in a non obvious way? There's a lot of "What are the minimum run time for so and so" posts and "Is so and so good enough" in this forum and the training wing so I thought I would post my runtime in case anyone who was wondering was reading. Besides 11.07 isn't showing off...8 minutes flat would be showing off. :wink:

    Thank you for your help. I wasn't aware you could be sent to different ATR's outside of the "usual" one.
  5. Depends when you're starting your training. In the next few months, all HCAV and RAC recruit training will be moved up to ATR Bassingbourn. Hope this helps.
  6. all ATR's will thrash you till you cry... and then when you are all thrashed as a one-r you become a team...and then you're moulded...into a CNUT!!
  7. End of April. The butterflies have started to kick in now. :)
  8. You'll probably find yourself in ATR Bassingbourn then. On the bright side, it is pretty flat.

    11m07s is a fairly average starting run time, so don't worry about anything. Just keep or slightly improve that level of fitness if you can - but don't overdo it and risk an injury before you turn up. The course is progressive, so you'll be able to see a good improvement over the whole of your time at an ATR. When you finish your training and join the field army, 10m30s is what you're aiming for, but really you want to be sub-09m30s.

  9. Thanks for that. I have been able to achieve 10.30 from time to time but oddly only on a running track. I think its something to do with knowing how to pace myself but I am sure the PTI's will thrash it out of me sooner or later. :)
  10. i was told at selection that i would be doing phase 1 at Pirbright, but when sent through the info it told me that i would be training at Bassingbourn. all the current publications about the atr's are mostly wrong.
  11. Im starting Bassingbourn in August, im joining RE though, which is weird.
  12. yarco lots of FRED's go to BASS. And lots instruct there... JESUS guys stop reading into things!! stop worrying..bout half week before all will be clear and then the fun begins...enjoy it and keep smiling!! you're about tto become a man!

    And yes BASS is nice and flat just bit windy so plus plus!!
  13. Ah, Bassingbourne in summer. Nice weather, flat training area, saturdays on the lash in Cambridge... Happy days, wish I could go back again :relax:
  14. 11:07 isn't showy-offy - I consider myself an absolutely shockingly bad runner, and I got 11:27 on that one day course :lol: .
  15. I'm joining the RAC, got selection on the 23rd, i was wondering what your timetable was like at selection & what did you get for your pft if you did one there?
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