Bass fishing on the Tamar

Discussion in 'Shooting, Hunting and Fishing' started by samain11, Sep 12, 2012.

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  1. This year has been my worst for a long time, nothing over 2lbs (although I have heard of heavier) and patchy.
    Halton Quay, Weir Quay, Lopwell and Thorn Point usually good spots for me on ragworm and spinners on a rising tide, have been crap this season. Too much rain affecting salinity maybe???
  2. It's also been a pretty dismal year on the Northumberland coast regarding bass.

    Two years ago I caught over 90 bass in an eight month period, this year to date I've caught 2.

    My theory (like yours) is too much run off water from rivers into the estuarys and onto the surf beaches.
  3. Slightly off topic but do you know if people are fishing from Paddle Boards around the Tamar area? I've noticed that my bass fishing around North Devon has fallen off since some people started using paddle boards.
  4. Havn't seen any...the tamar is a bass nursery and you are not supposed to fish for them from a boat, which a paddle board may well be interpreted as by the river stasi.
  5. Any ill tempered sea bass?
  6. River fal been the same , normaly good but very poor this year even on big tides the manacles hav'nt been producing much either, i always use live shrimp on self cocking float normaly works a treat!
  7. live sandeel on a flowing trace under a weighted float is a killer over a sandy bottom.
  8. Have you had many mackerel running up the river? Seems to be a real lack of joey's about i wonder if that is affecting bass numbers
  9. good point about the joeys, probably affected by the rain and run-off the same as the bass.
  10. Even when 5 or six miles off st anthony light there seems to be a lack of mackerel of all sizes quite a few of the commercial hand liners i know are saying numbers are well down , must be pressure on the stock from large trawlers or sea temp as i see that the mackerel have appeared of the coast of greenland for the first time or perhaps because iceland and the faroes have awarded themselves 46% of the total allowable catch available 150,000 tonnes just for iceland ,enjoy the 2lb bass as i'm sure things are not going to improve anytime soon!