Basraa last battle: the untold story

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Yokel, Mar 2, 2008.

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  1. Don't like it:

    a) Poor taste one-up-manship.

    b) arguable inaccurate.
  2. A balanced and accurate portrayal in my opinion. A typically frank and honest interview with Brig Bashall.
  3. Brave men and women in uncertain times. God bless them all.
  5. Bang on account not just on the army but the supporting services.

    I was with 1 mech throughout Telic 10 and thats certainly how l saw it.
  7. Ok I was on Telic 1, 4 and 10 and I understand your views on 'one upmanship' and the 'my tour was harder' etc. Telic 9 saw 1 Inf BG return to Tidders in Jan of '07 did it not?
    The PJCC incident may have happened before the flag change but was definitly 1 Mech, I had guys there.
    The runs into the Palace were incredibly hard fought affairs especially in that terrain with many of Telic 10's casualities arising as a direct result.
    We did get hit very hard by IDF, I believe 22 rockets was the top number for one attack.

    What does annoy me is the distinction between the soldiers who serve in Iraq and those in Afghanistan as made by the media, although we as soldiers are more than likely to end up serving several tours in both places, it would appear that you will only be allowed to be proud of one of the two theatres.

    There is a world of difference between MOUT with a resident civilian population and an infrastructure to protect and the sort of 'JDAM the feckers lets end the Contact' scenario in 'stan.
  8. The STAFFORDS went back in early April when we handed back the aptly named Shat, which left us trying to hold the entire city from Palace - but then you know the issues there. Their withdrawal and reasons for is an interesting debate - not one to be had here!!

    I know the PJCC incident had a majority of 1 Mech bods there, it also had the poor gits from 40 waiting to get out for the RiP!! The point I was making , and hopefully about the whole piece, was that rarely can you point at something in isolation and attribute it solely to one fmn, unit, coy etc etc.

    as for your point on AFG vs Iraq - spot on. My soap box is all but worn down with repeated outings about the incomparability of the two. General war in space vs COIN( I hate using that, but I can't think of anything else) in a city of circa 2 million. Dropping a 500lb in Basra is arguably harder than in Helmand. The problem we face is AFG is the 'sexy acceptable war' and Iraq has been unfashionable and dirty from the start.

    Proud of the job we all do in both, just wish the civvies were.

    As I said, I have nothing but respect for the mighty 1; just don't want the Telegraph readers to think it only started in Jun 07!
  9. We all know full well that the Soldiers weren't pushed out of Basra on a Tactical level. However I would say the army was beaten back into the COB.

    Who by? Our own government ofcourse.

    Its simple; the Labour muppets who put us in there couldn't stoach the cost of the "War" in Basrah, both in Lives and money. Then when they had the idea of picking up the pace in Afghanistan just as Iraq went t1ts up.

    Well there was only one thing ever going to happen there! Get out of the un-popular one!

    How the government can stomach saying Basra is a nice place when there are nearly 1000 muders a month taking place i beyond me.

    Everyone knows the IPS is corrupt
    Everyone knows Basra is still a volatile place
    and everyone knows that it was probably a safer place jan - feb 2003.

    However, think of all the British lives we saved in pulling out. Thats the only reason why I can stomach what happened and still remain happy about the whole thing.

    Am I proud to have served in Basra? Definately, we conducted our operations in the highest standards of the British Army. Shame our government didn't!
  10. For what its worth in my opinion you all did a fcuking brilliant job. I left the Army before Iraq and A/Stan but every single person who goes out to those places regardless of their specific role is as much a hero (hope thats an apt description) as the next. Thankyou for what you do.
  11. chimera

    chimera LE Moderator

    I'm not sure the story was exactly "untold". Basrah was getting a lot of coverage at the time because of speculation about a possible withdrawl which had been on the cards for some time.
  12. Your right; it appeared to us there at the time as being less untold......more adversly depicted? I would of course be happy to see it from your point of view, my main point still is however that the media has divided us into 'Heroes and Villains'. Heroes fight 'Terry Taliban' and villains 'Beat Basra Babies' and withdraw 'ignominiously' etc.
  13. I'm with Fablonbiffchit - I managed to fit my time neatly between GW1 and GW2 arriving after one and leaving before the other. As hard as it comes to anyone to say it, whether you did Telic or Herrick, your tour really was harder than mine. I have only admiration and praise for those who've been to both (mixed with both jealousy and relief) - hats off to the lot of you, and keep safe.
  14. Well done a certain REME Lt Col and his team!