Basra Sniper

Discussion in 'Multinational HQ' started by bigjarofwasps, Mar 3, 2007.

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  1. This sniper currently operating in Basra is a little concerning isn`t it. Is it know what type of rifle he`s using?
  2. Yes, it is.
  3. Thats why we have snipers too.
  4. I have heard rumours he is using a "sniper" rifle.
  5. Kingsman Alexander Green, from 2nd Battalion The Duke of Lancaster's Regiment, died after being shot by small arms fire whilst on a task in the Hayy Al Muhandisn District of Basra City.

    Rifleman Daniel Coffey of the 2nd Battalion The Rifles - formerly 1st Battalion Royal Green Jackets - died in hospital on 28 February, a day after being injured in an attack in Basra.

    And two others are reported to have been wounded by it!

  6. Am I right in thinking the Dragnov is the weapon of choice? This has pangs of the old Armagh sniper, but I`m sure he used a Barratt.
  7. Hmm could be using a sling shot with ball bearings, cheey little fellow...
  8. well if its a bolt action then dragnov is out.
  9. Is there nothing in the news?

    How has it pangs of the old Armagh sniper? In that there is a sniper shooting British soldiers? It has pangs of the German snipers on the Somme FFS!
  10. There is an article on the BBC News website, that I was reading yesterday, but I can be buggered if I can find it again, to supply you with a link...sorry!!!!

    Given the evidence, I don`t think it`ll be a Dragnov, its a handy bit of kit, and given that two have been wounded and not killed, I imagine that its some sort of old system rifle, either that or the sniper is just crap!!!! But having said that I`m sure theres no shortage of Dragnovs kicking about over there.

  11. heh heh standby...

  12. Wasn`t on the Somme so couldn`t comment?
  13. Well I spose its time for all residents of Basra to turn in all said sniper rifles with all due haste, and we call in scottland yard, to find a "sniper".
  14. Jonesy, Im glad that you find the situation amusing....


  15. Got to agree its our lads dying NOT a laughing matter
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.