Basra sniper cited as killing fifth soldier

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by freedomman, Sep 5, 2007.

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  1. Report on inquest of Kingsman Danny Wilson - BBC

    Soldier killed by 'single bullet'

    Kingsman Wilson was checking for explosives when he was injured
    A 28-year-old soldier from Cumbria was unlawfully killed after being hit by a single bullet while on patrol in Iraq, a coroner has ruled.
    Kingsman Danny Wilson, from Workington, died despite wearing enhanced body armour when his patrol came under attack near Basra Palace in April.

    An inquest heard that Mr Wilson had been with the 2nd Battalion, the Duke of Lancaster's Regiment, for a month.

    He is survived by his wife Tracey and two-year-old son, Leo.

    The hearing was told how the attack happened just 500 metres from the British base at Basra Palace, which has now been abandoned.

    Internal bleeding

    Colleagues who were with him recalled hearing just one shot as they investigated a possible bomb in the road ahead of their armoured vehicle.

    Although Mr Wilson was wearing enhanced body armour, the inquest heard how the bullet pierced his left side, causing massive internal bleeding.

    Fellow soldiers said he was a "well liked and hugely respected soldier".

    A ballistics expert said the fatal bullet was fired from the same weapon that was thought to have killed four other British soldiers serving in Iraq.

    West Cumbria coroner John Taylor recorded a verdict of unlawful killing.

    Hundreds of people attended the funeral in April of Mr Wilson, described as a "selfless and committed" soldier.

    His commanding officer, Lieutenant Colonel Mark Kenyon, said: "Danny Wilson was the sort of Kingsman whom it is a privilege to serve alongside."

    My bold.

    Undoubtedly preaching to the converted, but remember to keep your heads down all those about to ship off and all those currently in place.

    This snipery cnut is presumably equipped by the Iranians if he's not an Iranian himself.
    The general consensus is that he shoots and scoots, so aside from carpet-bombing the country flat I suppose there's not much anyone can do about him.

    Good luck to anyone actively stalking the b'stard.
  2. I hope when we eventually get the F*cker, his is a painful and miserable end before he is finally sent to the hell he deserves with the rest of his ilk.
  3. There are a few out there spread over the country and I echo The Cads words for all of them.
  4. We use snipers too don't we? I suppose its OK when ours shoot the enemy.
  5. I'm sorry, catramble, I misheard. It SOUNDED like you were on the insurgents side..? :D Probably mistaken, don't worry.
  6. Prayers for the fallen soldier and his family.
  7. You most certainly misheard!
    What I was saying was that if its OK for one side to use snipers then it must be OK if the other side to do the same.
  8. You have a point. Just remember one thing. The British Army is not an illegal terrorist organisation ran and staffed by criminals. However your point remains a fair one!
  9. Have to say I agree. Always suspicious of attributing a level of 'ethics' to the various ways and means of killing people, but there are definitely less involved approaches; propping rockets up on stands and leaving them on a times, victim operated IEDs etc. The sniper in question probably believes as much in what he's doing as we do (or don't, as the case may be), and he's risking his life for it. While I do hope he gets brought to justice, or killed under the rules of engagement while in the act, I can't say I particularly want to see him suffer a painful death.
  10. Thats where me and you differ. I think anybody who attacks British Soldiers deserves nothing less than the above mentioned 'Painful Death'.

    It has nothing to do with his beliefs, right and wrong or anything else. Its just simple. He attacked a British soldier.

    May he be struck down by celabratory Fire and slowly bleed to death.
  11. Fair enough, you're entitled to your opinion. But it's all a bit 'My country, right or wrong.' for me, and we know where that kind of thinking gets people...
  12. Yeah...... Its called "Home" after 6 months in the desert. You may have a different opinion on the subject once somebody has tried to do you or one of your mates in or even worse suceeded
  13. Too right especially that murdering PIRA cnut in bandit country during the late 80's.
  14. Is that the Dirty Septic Cnut???
  15. Snappy comeback. Particularly like the way you added the second sentence for that 'You weren't there man, you don't know...' touch.

    As it happens, I think I was supposed to take part in a strike op last year which looked at lifting this bloke, or at least someone very like him, until it was scrubbed so the Danes could do it. But there you go.

    My opinions aren't down to naivety, just the recognition that thinking we're totally right all the time, and that anyone who goes up against us is automatically a ba*stard, is a dangerous way of doing business, and more to the point, bad COIN.