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We've recently received two emails on the subject of the return to the UK of the Basra Memorial Wall. Not having served there, I don't really know the details but suspect that we all agree that memorials to the fallen should be preserved in the most appropriate place. I also reckon that Basra post any UK withdrawal is unlikely to meet that criteria!

Since I found out about the Memorial in Basra, I have campaigned for families of the fallen to visit it, but have been refused by this Government. I have done all I can to find out whats going to happen to the wall when our troops are withdrawn, firstly I was told it would be placed in the British Embassy , Baghdad, then I was told it would stay where it was. We all know what would happen to it if it stays in IRAQ.

Can you please put my petition on ARRSE as we would like to bring it back to GB.

Thank you, parents of Sgt John Jones 1st RRF killed in Iraq 2005.
I haven't posted in a while now and seem to not remember my log in details. Can you possibly ask your users if they will support the latest Parcels43 petitions, it would be a great help all round.
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See below for the latest P43 petitions, please do support and pass on to all your contacts....we need your help!!!!!!!!
The Wall contained all the troops to have fallen from all nationalities that served under MND(SE). It would be nice to see it at the national arboretum.
If it's the one I'm thinking of, it's a simple but very effective monument directly outside the front of the MND(SE) Div HQ. It's constructed out of bricks and has the names of each casualty from the Div on individual brass plates.

I would have thought it would be easy to return to the UK (although the families of the Danish, Aussie, Lithuanian, Romanian and Italian victims who I believe are also there may wish those individual plates to go to their own homeland.

Petition signed and good luck.



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If it's the one at the airport, then great, move it to the UK. If it's the one nearer Shaibah, dating from the 1920's, then leave it there.

For a start, the old one is bloody huge, and secondly it's under no discernable threat. I haven't seen it for a couple of years, but I presume it's still standing, where it was rebuilt by S Hussein some years ago, in a lonely location miles from anywhere.
The Wall will be coming home. Quote from PM's statement yesterday:

Mr Brown ended his statement honouring the sacrifices that have been made supporting and protecting that progress:

"Yesterday, I stood with the Chief of the Defence Staff, the Head of the Iraqi Army in Basra, and our forces outside our headquarters in Basra, in front of the memorial wall naming and commemorating every single one of the 178 British Service men and women who have lost their lives in Iraq in the service of our country.

"It was a fitting and moving tribute to men and women we must never forget. And because remembrance is vitally important, the Defence Secretary and I have decided that we shall bring that memorial wall now standing in Basra home to a fitting resting place of its own in our own country and we will do so when at the end of July the last of our combat troops leaves Basra."
a very good serving friend of mine lost his life in basra, it would be very good to pay my respects to him and the countless other heroes that last there lives closer to home
Does anyone know what happened to the wall in Abu Naji outside the HQ. It had brass plaques with the names and a rough wooden cross that the RE made. I have some pics of it and havent heard what happened after we pulled out of Al Amaragh
Here is the Memorial at Abu...I took this in Jan 2005


What about the wooden cross in Brady Lines - anyone any idea what is happening to it?
Just got a reply from No10

We received a petition asking:

“We the undersigned petition the Prime Minister to bring the Plaques on the Memorial Wall in Basra back to Great Britain.”
Details of Petition:
“We the undersigned petition the Prime Minister to bring the Basra Memorial Plaques back to Great Britain, preferably Alrewas Memorial Aboretum,Staffordshire.”
· Read the petition
· Petitions homepage

Read the Government’s response

Thank you for your e-petition.

The Government holds those who sacrificed their lives in Iraq in the highest regard and is committed to ensuring their recognition.

The Armed Forces Minister wrote to the next of kin of those killed in Iraq on 30 April to inform them that the Basra Memorial Wall, including its plaques, would be returned to the UK. It has now been agreed that a memorial wall modelled on the Basra design will be built at the National Memorial Arboretum at Alrewas, Staffordshire.

The Government’s strong preference is to use all of the plaques on the new memorial wall; it is working closely with the Arboretum to seek to achieve this.

The Armed Forces Minister will continue to keep families updated on progress.
An up to date image of the wall, the day before we took it down during OP TELIC 13 (Taken during the site recce)


On BBC1 now!
On BBC1 now!
dante242 said:
Here is the Memorial at Abu...I took this in Jan 2005
Where abouts in Abu Naji was that located?

As I don't recall a memorial wall when I was there :?
The BBC said that it is to honour the 179 British dead from Iraq and that is true but there are actually 234 names on the wall. Those of any nationality, military or civillian, who died under British command in Iraq.
I was part of 2 troop 37 Armd Engr Sqn and we, a slack handfull of bricklayers in the troop, built the memorial wall in october 2006 towards the end of op telic 8.

We built it through the night as the days were still pretty hot. It was also directly outside the MND HQ and being scruffy arrsed brickies we didn't want the attention we would innevitabley get if we worked during the day when everyman and his dog were cutting about.

I can honestly say I didn't fully appreciate the importance of the task at the time. Our squadron was heavily involved in Op Sinbad at the time which involved a lot of work in areas like al Quibla and Qarmat Ali in the city. Our minds were on this most of the time.

It took a fair few weeks to complete the job and involved a few emotional moments when our troop Staffy made us strip it out and do it again due to wrong dimensions etc. We looked pretty hagged most mornings when we knocked off one morning our Padre, bless him, offered to come up and give us a hand one night. Poor bloke, it was the night we had to strip out around 14 courses. Hats off to the bloke though, he stayed there all night.

When completed we had a clean up and that was that. Just another task for us, one of many we done on the tour. Unfortunately we never got to see the wall completed with all the brass plaques.

I feel a deep sense of pride whenever I see that wall now. And a great respect for the other lads who grafted through those nights to get it finished.

I'm glad it has been brought back to the UK. It will give the families somewhere to visit. It musn't be easy losing someone when they are so far away from home. I would also like to visit it someday and see the finished article complete with all the brass plates. I saw an article on the news this morning and it said they used the original bricks in the foundations, which is good to know.

If this wall had been left at Basra airport I'm pretty sure the Iraqis would of turned it to rubble and scrapped in the brass.

I only took one photo with my disposable camera when we had completed the task.


RIGRAT - Funnily enough, I think it was 37 that dismantled it brick-by-brick to be shipped to the UK as well.

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