Basra:Injuries to two brave Tankies

Discussion in 'RAC' started by memoryloss, Feb 15, 2007.

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  1. I got this sad report off the 1rtr site apologies if it has been posted elsewhere

    From the Regt:
    On Friday 09 Feb 07, 2 Soldiers of the Royal Tank Regt; Sgt Derek McDonald (Deek) and Cpl Simon Risdale (Si), were very seriously injured by Indirect Fire at Basra Palace. Deek from the 1st Royal Tank Regt on attachment to the 2nd Royal Tank Regt, received immediate treatment in theatre and has now been flown to the UK where his treatment continues. Deek's wife is with him as are the thoughts of every member of the Regt past and present. Although his condition reamains serious he is responding well to treatment. Si also received treatment in theatre and was flown back to Germany where he is undergoing further treatment and is also reported as doing well. As the situation improves I will keep you all informed.


    I sincerely wish a speedy recovery to both lads and my thoughts are with the families
    Fear Naught
  2. My very best wishes to both Sgt McDonald and Cpl Risdale for full and speedy recoveries.

    My thoughts too are with their families, friends and all those involved in their treatment.
  3. speedy recovery chaps..fear naught
  4. Wishing them a speedy recovery
  5. Seconded. Hope they mend soon.
  6. I wish them a speedy recovery and my heart goes out to the families.

  7. Here’s hoping for a speedy recovery
  8. Best wishes and a very speedy recovery to both.

    Stay safe out there to the rest.

  9. Best wishes guys, hope you recover swiftly.

  10. Best wishes too, hope you recover and have a load of free pints down the pub!
  11. Thoughts are with you lads on a speedy recovery....

    Rest of you Tankies out there please stay safe and see you in Tidworth sometime..
  12. make sure you have speedy recovery guys and thanks for everything :thumright:
  13. Speedy recovery guys and stay safe all MIB.
  14. Get well soon fellas

    Fear Naught
  15. Get well soon lads.