Basra Diary

Detonator said:

Looks like a good opportunity to air RFUK's video.

You got a link to that Detonator?
You'd have thought so, but have you read that article?

The most frightening moments I had were probably when there was a direct threat of insurgent activity. We got mortared several times.

You hear one being fired and you think 'where's it going to land?' It's pot luck whether it lands near you or not.
No need for it really. Getting mortared in Shaibah on Telic 7 wasn't quite the same as being mortared at the OSB. If a "direct threat of insurgent activity" is the biggest of your problems, you should be thankful of a cushy tour - Not big-timing it on TV.

One night we were doing a convoy to Basra and the Warrior that we were with broke down in the middle of this shanty town so we all got out and formed a perimeter.

There was some light coming from the vehicles and all these glowing eyes like something out of Star Wars appeared in windows. It turned out it was just lots of dogs. But it was quite an unsettling experience.
I may be reading too deep into it, but it seems to me that someone has put together the story in an attempt to tone down the full scale of what went on. It p*sses me off, because a few miles down the road, lads were fighting and dying.

In my opinion it's a country that's improving. When we first got there, there was a lot of poverty, but at the end of my six months things had improved. Obviously it's hard to tell from a private soldier's perspective, but from what I could see we were doing a good job out there."
That last quote says it all for me.

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