Basra Crash Victins Named

From the Scotsman website:

Names of Basra helicopter soldiers released
LONDON (Reuters) - Britain released the names on Monday of five military personnel missing and presumed dead in a Basra helicopter crash that sparked violent demonstrations at the weekend.

The Lynx helicopter crashed into a building on Saturday, and Iraqi police have said they believe it was shot down. Five Iraqis were killed and more than 40 wounded in violent demonstrations and clashes with British troops that followed.

The Ministry of Defence said those believed killed in the crash were: Wing Commander John Coxen and Flight Lieutenant Sarah Mulvihill of the Royal Air Force; Lieutenant Commander Darren Chapman and Lieutenant David Dobson of the Royal Navy and Marine Paul Collins.

Iraqi firefighters reported finding four bodies in the wreckage.

Defence Secretary Des Browne was due to make a statement to parliament later on Monday about the crash.

British troops are increasingly using the workhorse Lynx as the roads become more dangerous for patrols but that tactic may have to be reviewed if an inquiry finds gunfire from the ground was responsible for Saturday's incident.

British investigators have been dispatched to the scene to check the wreckage.

The crash brings the number of British service personnel who have died in Iraq to 109. About 8,000 British troops are deployed there, mainly in the south.
My children are friends with the children of one of those named - they were distraught when I told them. One of the kids had been saying only on Friday how much their father was missed, how much they loved him and how much they couldn't wait to see him when he came home.

Blessings to those who have been lost and to those left behind.
Once again RIP to all those involved.

I personally worked with one of those named a couple of times quite a while ago and was impressed by his proffesionalism.

My most sincere sympathies go out to those families affected and to those who have relatives and friends serving currently, may this be the last incident we have.

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