Basra Councils withdrawl of co-operation

Has anyone 'up the blue' got the latest on this? Have they returned , or are they still not co-operating?
*Guffaw* GPWM.

Ok, Are Basra council still co-operating with us even less than before?
sorry but i remember the extreme reluctance of all the local councillors and police officers to show any willingness to co-operate with us during Telic 2. I am still very cynical about how much their "co-operation" is worth?
On telic 3 they sent an rsm round with a bunch of blokes to motivate the bin men to actually collect the rubbish instead of just driving round in their new dust carts .The council seemed to give officers lots of meetings to go to but acheive even less than the cpa .Has anyone noticed in basra .
we had to use a lot of "encouragement" to get the police out of their stations and the electric engineers out to fix broken pylons etc.

almost seemed as if no-one wanted to work ...apart from the firemen for some strange reason. they loved going out on shouts :)


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From the Thread on Journalists today:
OldSnowy said:
For those of you who appreciate a really good, bad, article - try this one, from the Guaruudiaian:,,1710836,00.html


"The Basra video should lay to rest a scurrilous lie - The smug superiority of the British over their peacekeeping efforts in Iraq is an insult to those of us who live there."

"...ever since the fall of Saddam Hussein's tyrannical regime, abuses and atrocities committed against Iraqi civilians have been a regular, at times daily, occurrence throughout the country, including in Basra. These have been committed by American, British and Iraqi official forces."

"It saddens me that Britain has had a significant hand in every episode that has heaped misery on Iraqis

It's only at the end that you notice: "Dr Jasem al-Aqrab is head of organisation for the Iraqi Islamic party in Basra"

This is a leading Ex-Ba'athist organisation, purporting to be pro-Sunni, but mainly a ragtag of ex-Regime 'loyalists'. For more examples of their unbiased handiwork, try

Oddly, the Guauaurddaain doesn't mention this chap's slightly biased outlook. As for their local support, I don't think that they did that well in the recent elections, especially not in the Basra area!

It's articles like this that stir up hatred of UK forces, at Home more than abroad. I hope that The Guardian has the decency to apologise for this tripe tomorrow - but I very, very much doubt it. Now, who was it a couple of days ago on here saying that this was a decent, unbiased and fair 'paper?


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