Basra before the war...

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by RFUK, Oct 17, 2007.

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  1. Flicking through some pictures of Basra earlier and seeing bomb damaged highways, electricity pilons with the wires ripped down and once grand hotels windowless and peppered with bulletholes... I started to wonder what Basra actually looked like before this whole sorry episode began. At some point, it must have been a nice place.

    A quick google search didn't reveal much. Anyone got a link?
  2. Basra was referred to as the venice of the middle east because of it's pristine canel systems, certainly not like that any more!
  3. It's almost as bad as some areas of the UK now! I managed to find a picture of the al-ashaar district.

  4. The was a travel web site that I saw last year when I was trying to find out what Basra was like before the War, that was still recommending the Shaat al Arab Hotel as a good place to stay, and had contact details!
  5. Just realised this would have been better off in the Int Cell. Apologies for being a mong!
  6. Look at Basra on Google Earth. No smashed buildings, actual greenery etc. Much nicer. However, the Iraqis don't care about how the place looks. They shit in the street for God's sake. This isn't bigotry, I saw this in the so called 'posh' part of the city. Nothing stops them taking household waste to a dump but they just chuck it on the street, then let their kids play around in it. I think the Venice of the Gulf thing was from the Seventies, before the Iran-Iraq war bled the place dry, swiftly followed by UN sanctions. :D