Basra after the Brits / Bremer says UK backed post-war plan

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by ABrighter2006, Nov 29, 2007.

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  1. The following is the content so far from an MSN conversation that I am currently involved in. I will update this thread shortly with more information.

    In the meantime, if any lurking journalist wants to get their arrse into Basrah, I will arrange a meeting with the victim's family, and this country can finally see just how effective its policy of delay is costing lives.

    Couple of points:

    1. This is not a wah.
    2. The guy in Basrah is one of the translators who appeared in the media during the first week of November.
    3. The guy in Basrah's references from currently serving British Army Officers are verified and his situation know to other members of this site, who know him personally.
    4. This is a stark example of HMG's 12 month qualification period failing with fatal results.
    5. The UK Government has been warned that exactly this scenario would happen, if it's extraction and evacuation of those at critical risk was not swiftly carried out.
    6. I hold the Prime Minister Gordon Brown, the former Prime Minister Tony Blair and the current Foreign Secretary directly responsible for the death of this former British Government employee.

    My question is: How many more of these people need to die needlessly and at what point will the UK Government do the right thing?

    To say I am seething is an understatement. What a sheer waste of a good man, who helped the British Army.

    Rest in peace.
  2. There's quite a few British soldiers who have died needlessly in Iraq too. Remember the weapons of mass destruction? The reason for being there in the first place. Brown doesn't give a toss about the army so I doubt he will care about a translator.
  3. I don't argue with your statement Stacker1 and I promise you that I mourn the loss of every Brit, there again, so did the guy who was killed yesterday.

    Brown has been keen to make gushing statements to government and this country on how much assistance we will give these people. Much like the army, I grant you.
  4. Sad but true. Broon does'nt give a fcuk about the people in THIS country, and we pay his fcuking wages. :x :x

  5. Dumb question, slate me for it, but, HM forces working in Iraq come under British/EU law yes/no? If the translators in danger tipped up at an area in our direct control....i.e airport and claim asylum are we not honour bound to help them?

    Silly idea, but?
  6. Translators normally work with written texts. Interpreters deal with verbal encounters.

    Just so you know.
  7. Fugly

    Fugly LE DirtyBAT

    This is far too important for pedantry.

    These people must be helped, and now - before it happens again, due to this pathetic governments failure to act on anything that doesn't interest their own personal agenda.
  8. Thanks for that, I can see there's a difference in threat level, just hadn't appreciated it until your post.
  9. Probable, but why should these guys have to subject themselves and their families to an ordeal like that, the Americans green card their translators, even the Danes have resettled a bunch in Copenhagen, Why can't the British do the same? As someone above mentions, yes there has been scores of brit casualties since 2003. Speaking as someone, who has never served, but is joining the mob in 38 days, and im quite willing to retract this statement if someone knows better. I think without these guys the casualties would be a lot worse, surely the local knowledge and insight that these guys possess help commanders on the ground make life and death decisions day in, day out. Are the locals firing weapons because they’re celebrating a wedding or wanting a cabby at a squaddie? Things like this, interpreters prove their worth. They know the risks, they’ve had mates lifted and tortured, their families have received the threats. Yet they still do it, and yes they are financially rewarded, but I hypothesize that the majority want Iraq to emerge from what it has become and see coalition as a viable option. End of the day what’s the price of a life? Brown should get them in, or get himself out.

    Just my thoughts

  10. I don't think legally we would/can help them if they came into an area of our control. Even if we did the airports/camps in Afghanistan/Bosnia/Iraq/Kenya etc etc would be full of chancers the minute they found out we allowed it.
  11. Thanks for the definition Wench, fully aware of it. Take a look at and there is a page somewhere devoted to it.

    Stacker - forget the "Saigon Embassy" scenes from The Killing Fields, the UK Government has been aware of this problem since 2003, and despite private and public communications on this, and the risks / solutions to them, done nothing.

    Having asked how he was sure this was a targetted killing, he is very sure, having spoken to the passenger in the car, who was of coure, in the truest traditions of these things, shot in the leg, so that the message got through. And yes, Ammar is now in real fear for his life, and to think the only thing bothering our Prime Minister at present seems to be where his organisation is getting its money from.

    For the anoraks / those that know about these things, there were three gunmen.
  12. "they told him this is the fate or end of every one help the invadors "
  13. Couple of points and a brief update:

    WB - You may want to take a look at the following from the earlier thread in relation to EU law and comments relating to it.

    In relation to what would happen if they headed for the airport? I personally believe that both BRITFOR and Iraqi nationals would be put at critical risk and that the presence of a crowd at the gate to BIA would lead to scenes of carnage.

    BAS - thanks for your post, I pretty much would endorse every word of it. Good luck in a month's time.

    If you feel strongly about the manner in which the UK Government has acted in relation to this matter, please contact your MP, and tell them.

    Within the next few hours, I should have a complete picture of what happened yesterday evening at 10:00pm. Yesterday evening on the streets of Basrah.

    Initially, it appears that the car containing the gunman did not have to pursue the fleeing translators for long through the streets of Basrah.

    Having watched his colleague being murdered by three gunmen, on the way home from their place of work, and then being shot in a punishment style shooting, the passenger is not in a good way, and those close to both victims are now increasingly worried.

    Is it reasonable that Iraqi nationals who have worked alongside BRITFOR since March 2003 have to wait until next year, before they see further progress in their fight for life?

    If you don't think so, tell your MP.

    Brown may be investigated like a criminal. In the meantime, perhaps he could act with a shred of humanity, and ensure action is taken now to stop this type of incident from happening again.
  14. Gents, don't want to get in the way here, and damn right I agree with everything you're saying, but is that his real name?

    I'm not sure what the score is on PERSEC but this an open source that anyone can access; lets not give anything distinctive/distinguishing away that might identify your interpreter...
  15. To reassure you Gook - the identities of translators that I am in contact with are well protected, except when they specifically give their authority, and are fully aware of where they are about to be quoted. I have maintained that stance since raising this issue in public.

    I also have a clear picture of the risks surrounding this, as do those I am in contact with. At the core of this is the balance between keeping quiet, so as not to draw attention to the translators and holding Messrs Brown and Milliband accountable for their statements to Parliament. Having kept quiet, it is evident that they will continue to be targetted, as long as HMG acts so slowly.