Basking in the glow of the Medal Winners

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by bobthedog, Aug 25, 2008.

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  1. Just watching the spectacle of Brown, Burnham and Jowell at Heathrow, looks like they are revelling in the success of Team GB. Milking it for all its worth.

    I suppose they think it will divert the attention from a smoking ruin of an economy, confidential information lost, and a deeply unpopular government!
  2. Yes Broon is basking in the glory, pity he couldn't extend his welcoming skills to all the heros that are arriving back in coffins from Iraq and Aghanistan.

    Fu*cking idiot really pisses me off, I was enjoying watching the homecoming until his fizzer appeared.
  3. And that idiot Kate Silverton was talking on the phone to Louis Brown who won Bronze medal on the pommel horse, she asked him what he could see from the plane window. He said "It looks like there's a lot of photographers and people there, it's a bit intimidating". Kate says "It's Ok we're all friendly, even the Police". Well thanks for that Kate, insinuating that the Police aren't normally friendly, ffs sake if you can't say anything nice, don't say anything at all. Those coppers stood there for hours with guns are there for your safety and are doing their duty. Something you might not be able to grasp.
    Typical bloody BBC, they just have to push their own opinions don't they? :x
  4. Not taking anything away from the achievement of the GB team, however we have a hero arriving at Lyneham tomorrow, killed in action. Dont suppose he will make his way there to meet this hero coming off the plane or even meet his family.

    Then again none of them have done it for any of the heroes that have gone before so why would they start now.

    F*kin useless w*nkers, every one of them.
  5. Terry_Y, I was thinking the same myself. A whole 25 minute programme on BBC1 dedicated to these athletes (who have done very well to be fair), when I have yet to see anything, bar the odd 2 minute segment on the news once in a blue moon, about soldiers coming back from theatre.
    My main issue was that the programme title included the word 'heroes', sporting greats (some of them) yes, heroes no.
    Hey, its a soldiers right to moan...
  6. I just knew this thread was going to be about Cyclops and his arrse lickers before I opened it.

    Terry,Well said.
  7. Yes and they all earned medals as well ... its a fcuking disgrace. Every one of those guys and girls who comes back is a medal winner and as we all know - so much more than that. However its not a medal table any of us want to be the top of.

    RIP all of you

    Shame on those that send and don't meet.
  8. Pretty certain that I was the first to opine that 'Cyclops' would 'cash in'.

    Brown is such a loser!