Having now settled in our new home, Mrs SN and I thought it may be time to join the local British Legion. My nearest branch is Basingstoke, so I was hoping there may be a few Arrsers out there who could tell me if it's OK or not.
To be honest, having looked at the website ( , I am already having second thoughts. The RBL hold meetings at the Ex Services Club, the link to which has obviously been hijacked by a disgruntled ex member (attached below - It is also clear that many of the names from the RBL hierarchy are involved in the ex Services Club.
Can anyone confirm or deny the allegations? Maybe twenty years ago as a daft young Lance-Jack, I would have enjoyed that sort of stuff, but people change. Even if only half true, I have to ask myself if that is the type of place I'd want to take my missus for a quiet drink.

"Basingstoke Ex-Services Club

Happy new year to all the members.

Review of 2006

Second year running no accounts available, wonder why.

George was barred for asking a committee man to do his job they tried to have him again but he called their bluff and they backed down

Another member of 20 years standing was barred for life his story is here for those of you unfamiliar with it

The member who ran into Colin's fist was barred for life - committee said he fell over and banged his head on a table.

A member who was lead out of the club in handcuffs by the Police was not barred - something not right here

No entertainment all year.

Dwindling attendance

Colin appears to have taken on the mantle of doorman, what a laugh, shame he is not qualified and the club are breaking the law.

The club now supports two families the chairman's and his daughter

The illiterate notices created by the office have been the only good thing about the year as it has enabled the members to have a laugh and the idiots have left one up for months

A member of the bar staff who slapped a party goer is still working for the club - he should have been dismissed immediately but he lives with Vic

The Chairman's daughter still bad mouths and threatens any one she wants with no action being taken against her - Neville was barred for a damn sight less.

Christmas and new years eve was a joke the Wote Street won in terms of attendance and entertainment laid on

Christmas raffle was to say the least disappointing compared to previous years

Another good point from the year was that the Club is inspected on a regular basis by the Police they must like what we do as have attended a number of sessions during the year.

The Chairman as ever is economic with the truth after all he told a nice story at the EGM which was a pack of lies.

Well like a lot of other members I am voting with my feet I shall be moving to the Wote Street where full membership is £7.50 per year and the drinks are cheaper. This could be because the club is managed for the benefit of the members and not for the benefit of one family. Look forward to meeting a few of you there.



January 2007"

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