Basingbourn CMSR

have finally got my date and place for cmsr at bassingbourn and was just wondering what its like and any tips for cmsr in general


Brew up,

IIRC, out of camp gates, turn right, walk, left hand side of road - Red Lion! Top on the lash - well it was 9 years ago. (Come to think of it, I think the MOD Plod did a shuttle run down into Royston town in their Rover. I got a few free lifts home too, but that wasn't coz their were being generous!) :p

Good luck!

get fit, keep your head down, take sense of humour & most of all don't let them get to you, it's only 14 days of your life.

You should have been taught the basics in your TAFs 1 & 2, so they shouldn't expect you to know too much.

Red lion is a dive now, new owners and a bit of an old mans pub now. No more platoon p*** ups there. Camp itself is very basic, got a bar but doubt you'll be able to drink anyway?? Spar shop, pretty crap and overpriced.

Royston nearest town, nowt much there but again you probably wont get the chance to go out. Cambridge nearest biggest place but thats dire cos of students! Gym on camp is pretty good if you enjoy pumping iron. As stated though if youre fit and concentrate well should have no dramas! All the best for it.

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