Basil Fawlty Jailed for failing to kill the BNP

Joshua Slocum

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is there no fecking justice in the world ????
Peter Metcalf The Basil Fawlty of Blackpool has been jailed for running the New Kimberly Hotel, it was so squalid it had to close as a Hotel
However the real reason they jailed him was that it failed to fall down when the BNP hosted their national party Conference, all it bloody needed was the acro prop kicking out and society would have been improved


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Looks like the block on Sunday night, prior to the usual guilty half arsed attempt at a clear up before Monday inspection.
What a surprise, since Blackpool is such a hub for quality,
It's often mentioned as one of the UK leading hot spots for the rich and spoiled,
or is that the drunk and knickerless.

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