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Basil Brush probed by police over racist abuse of Gypsies

Have no doudt what so ever that this will be investigated to the full extent of the law with all resources being used to probe this terrible crime!!!!
'Children's TV puppet Basil Brush is at the centre of a bizarre police probe into claims by a group of gipsies that they were racially abused on a BBC programme.
The gipsies allege that an episode of the Basil Brush Show which showed a gipsy woman trying to sell the puppet fox wooden pegs and heather was racially offensive'
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'Vicar attacked for 'being a Christian' after hate campaign by yobs who claimed his church 'should be a mosque'
But this will be given mere lip service as its only a white/christian 'victim' hence only classed as a 'faith hate crime' why not racist?
The comments from this turd beggars belief!
Kamil Ahmed, leader at the Ensign Youth Club, based on a council estate close to the church, said: "There are a lot of 14 to 16-year-old Asians, drunk and high on cocaine, wandering round the estate.
"It might be the people responsible for this attack reacted badly to being told off rather than targeting the church in a faith hate way."
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What REAL gipsies? And not those who have just dropped out of NORMAL society because they CAN'T work!

We have The Traveller's here in town once a year "Horse Fair" and to be honest they TAKE OVER the streets and the local crimes spikes!
They bring their horses and ponies, many who could do with a good food plan as well as seeing a vet and farrier!

We also have two peranant camps, one in town, one just outside, all in their £40,000 caravans, their £30,000 4 by 4's, ALL their dogs. Many have intergrated into the local community, although have their own pubs!

So what is SO wrong with Pegs and Heather, or have they moved on?
We don't seem to get any "real" gypsies round here. All ours are of the thieving/littering/trespassing variety.

On another note though, I think it would be a fantastic idea to introduce a new bit of legislation: If you accuse someone of discrimination of any type with the intention of bringing proceedings against that person/organisation, and you are ruled against in court, you automatically have to prepare a written statement of apology and pay a financial settlement to the defendant, on the basis that you have been found by a court of law to be dragging the defendant's name through the mud, for nothing.

Would cut timewasting complaints like this overnight. "Hurt feelings"? Grow up.
It must be serious the BBC have it on their website...

Evil BB puppet

Mind you on Saturday afternoon I was acosted ( a very suitable word) by a strange irish accented lady demanding I bought heather or she would bring a curse on my luck. She looked like a Gypsy, smelled like a Gypsy so by God I presumed she was one. Now it looks like I was wrong cos they dont do that sort of thing.

From VIZ

The Thieving Gypsy Bastards – an infamous strip seemingly aimed to solely offend the Roma, about the "Mc O'Dougles", a group of Gypsies who descend on a middle-class front garden and steal and vandalise everything in sight, with the approval of the local council. Anticipating, no doubt, the inevitable flood of complaints about the strip, the publishers included a "compensatory" story entitled "The Good Honest Gypsies" in the same issue. Nevertheless, the complaints did come, and the next issue contained a 'cut-out-and-keep' apology, subtitled "what every gypsy's been waiting for!"
Life imitates Art
The_Terrible_Twins said:
A bit off thread but on the subject of puppets, can anyone tell me what the fcuk Zippy from Rainbow was ? its been bugging me for years, I say a snake
He was a teddy bear.
Designed by the Smash Martians, in their own likeness.

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