Hi all,

I have heard a rumour that basic is a lot easier these days (as apposed to a few yrs ago) anyone been through it recently or at an ATR that can tell me what it's like?


your going to get some nasty replies
Well.....I did basic a long time ago, and I've not seen what it's like now?

The nigs going through basic won't be able to offer advice, as they don't know what it was like "back in the day"

The only sensible answer will be from a training screw who did his/her training a while back, and is now training the nigs. That's the only true comparison that you'll get.
I did Basic 15 years ago and was an Instructor at an ATR in 2001 and can confirm it is easier, Howver its about Mentality, if you give in at the first hurdle it will be hard. If you can just keep going youwill find it a little easier.

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