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  1. i was just wondering what is the longest endurance run u do in basic and is basic training the same for every regiment?
  2. Basic is the same for everyone.
  3. Have you been to an AFCO? If not - why not try going to one/phoning one and speaking to the kindly recruiting Sgt, he'll offer you a coffee and talk you through all your worries, and if he doesnt do that he will be able to answer any questions you have - there and then
  4. 4-6 miles.......unless your a crazy marine!!

    bear in mind my answer is based on no more than a random number plucked from my head!
  5. i have been 2 afco nd dun medical im gettin my run time down now just for selection lol
  6. If you have been to 2 AFCO's then why didnt you ask these bone questions in there?

    I would also suggest that you maybe get some extra English lessons as you dont seem to have the ability to spell/use normal grammar.
  7. You passed your literacy tests as well?

    Unless a Level 3 assessment in txt language is acceptable now?
  8. well sorry i didn't realise this forum was an english exam sorry! lol
  9. it's not an English exam, but that's no excuse for typing like a fukcing mong is it
  10. haha, ok i'll type better just for you :D
  11. Do you realise how lazy it looks when people type like that? Saves maybe, erm a second or two at most, and if you wrote like that on your application form, you would possibly not get in!
  12. ye i know sorry, but i wouldn't write like that on my application form im not that dumb lol.

    can i just ask a quick question? my current mile and half time is 11:25. would this be good enough in selection? (for royal engineers)
  13. Fuck off back to your own planet, mongchops. The only job open for you in the Army is as a trackpad.