Discussion in 'Infantry' started by ironeye, Apr 29, 2008.

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  1. Done my formal interview should have adsc in a month. Just been thinking about the things allowed on basic at itc catterick. Would I be allowed to bring my penknife?


  2. you'll probably have a pocket knife on your exercise packing list at some stage. I wouldn't recomend taking an expensive leatherman or the like, but if it's a cheapish one then just leave in you bag/civi locker or whatever you have until you need it
  3. Concentrate on passing ADSC and getting through to ITC, then you will recieve a packing list of what to bring. At this stage after your formal interview i wouldnt be concentrating on a penknife.........
  4. [​IMG]

    Thats the one i have, cost £25 from becketts in norwich. Lovely knife. ALways keep it on me :)
  5. FFS I knew Norfolk was rough...

    Please let me be wrong about which unit you're joining :cry:
  6. Frankly that is bizarre 8O

    You havent even done RSC/ACDC or whatever they're calling it today and your greatest concern is....

    Can I bring my knife?
  7. Its not my greatest concern, its just a query :lol:
  8. You'll get a packing list. The first of many packing lists if you get in.
  9. To clear up, this is a quote from the ITC kit list "Small penknife with a blade no more than three inches (PRI)"

    Although there are more pressing issues you need to deal with before worrying about something as insignificant as a knife.

    What unit do you intend to join?
  10. I'm going for R Anglians (Vikings)
  11. Right mate, I am going to give you the benefit of the doubt on this one. At the expense of receiving a rather large WAH, I am going to say this. That clearly looks to me like a lock knife. That is an offensive weapon Carry it on you all the time, and chances are you will be stopped by the police (yes yes, I'm a bobby) and you wil be arrested, particularly at the moment with knife related murders seemingly ten a penny. You would have a lot of explaining to do, not only in interview, but allso to the RMP, and ultimately your CO

    Why do you think the army say you can carry a folding pen knife with a blade less than 3"? Because that is legal - your weapon is not.

    Now get yourself away, and concentrate on being a soldier. Not Tarzan. That said, good luck in the mob :D
  12. Fcuk me, is Ross Kemp on commission???

    Best of luck and all that, but PLEASE find some kind of sense of proportion/priority before a L/Cpl is forced to do it for you.
  13. :) ok fella, point taken, guess it stays at home. Thanks for the advice :wink:
  14. I decided to join before that series aired 8) also this was just a small question on my mind. I'm fully aware of more important things to come. I was just a thought as I'm waiting a month until selection and don't have a job so every question comes into my head :D
  15. Are you Mike Golden?