Discussion in 'The ARRSE Hole' started by rebel_007, Sep 26, 2006.

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  1. Basic Training what do you do during each day.
    i know that you have to run every other day for 45 minutes, you have to get up a 5.30 am and you do alot of swimming,

    how much brutality can you expect
  2. A shit load :)
  3. Its like a BDSM camp. Youll love it.
  4. This doesn't sound like a very good party.
  5. Dont know you know. I know a bloke who just passed off from ATR Winchester. Said that not once was he pushed physically. (He is two stone over weight and unfit). Apparently not once where they assessed on their ability to do sit ups. Hard to believe i know.

    Its allegedly getting very much like an attendance course nowdays. Heres hoping the phase two establishments are holding it together.
  6. Is basic training a social event? Or have you posted in the wrong forum?

    Expect shedloads of beatings if you are as stupid as you seem. Your fellow recruits are bound to get sick of you!
  7. F**king swimming....!!!!????
    Lets get back to propper training
    Daily beasting's incl the weekly trot mit log
    Boots combat high, trs lightweight olive green, Plt Sweat shirt (DS supplied for £££'s), and a telegraph pole
    Swimming - :)
  8. basic, should be called Butlins.
    mate following my footsteps just going though basic said they won't give them bayonet training as it's too dangerous, he's infantry FFS!!!