basic update

3 weeks into basic thought ill give u lot a update as imback for xmas....

firstly loving everything here, everything is good, the room is good, food is good to eat... and im happy....

if u went trg at pirbright u may know some hills called hearbreak and other two and these hills are bad, do something which u not suppose to u visit them like we did 2day on are way back from exercise, but its all good....

only 11 weeks left look forward to them, got me battlefield tour to come after xmas should be good and yeah cant wait bring it on.
nah we got no dutys other than keep fit and my cpl wants to know how much two sharks meat cost from baglidesh or summit thats r chalenge!
i know heart break, and concrete hill, wait till you do tabs in week 6 or 7, you dont want to be at the back on one of those, you'll be running up them hills if you are. Week 5 is ok, should only be a 4 mile run and exercise first knight to think about. week 6 will be a 5 miler and a few range days, the following weeks to ex 2 and adventure training are about the same. Just get your locker to a good standard now weeks ahead of the oc, ssm, and co's inspection and you'll be fine, id go about the section and come to an agreement on how everyone is going to set there lockers out, otherwise youll be up all night when the time comes, then get beasted for not having the lights out.
yeah we had exercise 1st night last night and guess wot we was tabbing it... but only in webbin and weapon / helmet no burgans, we went up heartbreak and concrete got thigh muscles working but we wil be runnin up them in pt if the troop dont get there act together!

the troop above us has locker inspection the other night and they was up till 4 am trying to get there lockers done, but the did pass there inspection!

some on me fellow rcts are not the fittest and struggled on are intro on endurance runs off 3 miles where we got intoduced to figure off 8! which is another hill lol .

you will be sorting your lockers out til your eyes bleed

when i was in training sometimes we were having them 8/9 times a day, even on weekends all through the evenings, and they would get trashed

its all about building discipline though, take it on the chin and not personally coz the instructors have got a job to do.

you'll find as the weeks go on you'll be more trusted and the inspections will slow down/or stop.

good luck anyway... 15months later and i still enjoy it as much as i did back then.. best thing i ever done.
yeah 11 weeks left they going to fly by so if all goes well bring on friday 21st March
Yea chris_2006 is right the inspections will slow, the Section comander will consider you able enough to keep it at a good standard, then spring an inspection to catch you out. Just dont let the standards drop.

when we did exercise first night we went the same way, up concrete, followed the path past the flat part where they have you rolling in puddles, then onto deepcut town, we met a truck where we picked up out bergans then tabbed a little ways to the harbour area which had loads of shell scraps nicely dug for us!

Whether the troop gets it together or not doesnt matter, you WILL be running those hills soon. Every endurance run you do will involve either heartbreak or concrete moving on to the sisters afterwards, one side of heart break is so steep youll be using roots to climb! The punishment hill is usually 10 second hill. the hills are not even somthing to be scared of though, its just a couple of minutes of pain then you will quite enjoy the jog back to the block, just remember the section commanders will be looking at you to see if you help each other out or just act the hard man and sprint to the top.


Chris_2oo6 said:
you havent experienced hills til you've been on otterburn trg area.
They ar not hills, you want to try Garelochead or Sennybridge!!! Or on a smaller scale Leek!!!

the_mentalist said:
Chris_2oo6 said:
you havent experienced hills til you've been on otterburn trg area.
They ar not hills, you want to try Garelochead or Sennybridge!!! Or on a smaller scale Leek!!!

done gareloch head on final ex didnt think it was too bad!

although the insertion to the final attack was naughty.. in a stream up to your chin deep

Tell your instructor that you've heard about Sand Hill and the Seven Sisters, and that you reckon they're a bit easy for the likes of yourself. He should be suitably impressed, possibly enough that he may fast track you through basic. If you're not too sure, have a quick chat with your platoon commander first, just to be on the safe side. ;)

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