basic trining

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by laurencarter, Oct 12, 2008.

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  1. Hey, did my selection yesterday, and will be starting basic at the end of the month. Is basic Can anybody let us know what it will be about?
  2. Sorry i meant in basic training, and what to expect. Is it hard etc?
  3. Grak, grak, snigger, snigger
  4. Wah! :roll:

    Soldiering perhaps?
  5. Literally millions of soldiers have gone through it Lauren.

    Sometimes challenging and sometimes easy, depends on your personal


    They are going to teach you to be a soldier and parts of it you will really

    enjoy, other bits nots so much. One things for sure,, you will be as

    proud as anything when you march off the Passing Out Parade.

    Make sure your parents are there to watch you. Something you will

    treasure always.

    Good Luck. :)
  6. Its basically: first aid, chemical drills, map reading, marching and fitness among other stuff. Part of it is spread across 6 weekends and the rest over 2 week camp.
    It is hard but well worth the hassle.
  7. They don't cover English or spelling, so you will have to do that yourself!!! :p
  8. Saying that the British army is low on troops I think BRT will be pretty easy?
    And how hards P-company?
  9. Is this a wah?

  10. You think that just because the army may be low on troops its going to pass untrained soldiers?
    Theres no point in an army if the majority of its soldiers cannot perform the simplest of tasks and commands.
  11. Ignore Rordog he is a cadet according to his other posts....
  12. Where did you attend selection?
  13. Alcarr, not sure whether that is how you spell it mind.
  14. No Im just saying thats what you'd think but saying that the SAS is a small regiment but has one of the hardest selections there is.
  15. In the infantry at least you'd be surprised how many fit young lads failed. Many of them ex-cadets, as they go into it thinking it will be the same sort of thing.