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Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Soldier Recruitment' started by MilitaryMind, Dec 13, 2008.

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  1. Hi all ,

    I have passed selection & am looking to join the Royal Sig's , Basic trg begins Jan/Feb 09 time i belive , i'am having diffculties trying to get any money for my passport (Which i lost cost between £70 - £80 :x ) and alot of other things ( Including my trainers that were stolen at selection :x ) , is there anyway the Mod will be able to help me out with these current expenses ? , I'am not working & my mother couldnt care less tbh , and i feel that i need to sort out this documentation and it will frustrate me if i dont , i have a caution from the law so i found it hard to get work i was doing some temp in factory but with the recession they have axed 10 of there employees and i have recieved no phone calls for anymore work , I will proberly just end up saving all my xmas money of anything i recive to put towards getting my list .

    So if anybody knows if they are able to help please reply , all helpfull responses greatly apreciated :wink: .

    PS , I'am also worried about my diet as i'am given a great diet at home & I'am concerned this could effect my basic trg .

    Thanks proberly/hopefully aload of worry for fckall .
  2. Here's the advice I can offer. Regarding the kit list, the majority of that stuff, im not being funny but you'll take it and realise you didnt actually need it atall.

    Civvies you wont need untill after week 7, youll only have to wear them to travel there in. A suit, maybe, you might wear it on the battlefield tour. Youll be well looked after and given all the clothes youll be wearing, including 2 towels, but you probably wont watch to touch the majority of it as its locker layout.

    Obviously youll need the washkit etc. Unless its changed, you get like £100 on day 2, so you can buy a lot of stuff from the shop at rip off prices.. so its best you invest in a few essentials first.

    Trainers, youll be squared with some modern, height of technology running footwear on your kit issue day which is usually day 2 and theyre the only trainers youll be wearing for the first 7 weeks atleast.

    The passport, im not sure the army will sort you out with this initially, because its essentially down to you, youll have to enquire at the careers office however but ive never heard of the army providing a passport or money towards one.

    Finally, any further questions PM me, or just ask here, maybe ill remember to check it :)
  3. you can claim the amount paid to purchase your passport only if you are due to deploy or it effects operational effectivness ie a standby coy or unit

    even though you will go on trips in basic to france/belg you will necc need a passport as i never had mine when i joined
  4. There is that yeh, when you go on the Realities of war trip passport control may check a few passports but not everyones
  5. Thanks , i will look this up and be onto my recruiter 1st thing monday morning .
    I cant wait to begin , but having these thoughts of not having a passport and bnk account and stuff is pissing me off i will proberly have to wait weeks to get a new one even if i do get the money to replace it , my stupidity for losing it , but i was just hoping that the mod might be able to help a little , my uncle is just coming out of the Raf after 18 years and he said they used to be able to help but he wasnt sure thanks .
  6. you need to make a bank account before you join
  7. MrBane

    MrBane LE Moderator Reviewer Reviews Editor

    When was the last time you went to Iraq or Afghanistan? Every passport gets checked. Or it certainly has every time I've gone out, for everyone there.

    Don't worry about your passport. Once you get to your Unit, they will pay for it. It is not a neccessity. If you are to deploy and you don't have one, they may try to get a quick rush job done, or you'll be given a Travel Warrant which acts the same as a passport but for military use only.

    The MOD will not help you out with any costs apart from a small sum of money (£10 usually) for food expenses the day you travel to your Basic Training.

    Your diet will be fine. Army food is brilliant. Phase 1 camps still operate under the Daily Food Charge, so the choice and nutritional value is excellent.

    Trainers you will be given when you get there, and you will wear nothing else until you leave.

    Bank Accounts can be started when you get there. Normally the Royal Bank of Scotland rocks up and offers you all a military account.

    Relax and enjoy it.
  8. The realities of war trip is in basic training, quite a way away from theatre..aka battlefield tour.

    You recieve £100 of your wages on day 2, another £50 on week 3, and then bank pay gets sorted.

    Yes, and no. Depends on the establishment nowadays, far too many chips chips chips.

    Military Mind, the army will square you, trust me, you probably won't be the only one buddy always think that, I know how you're panicing and would rather have everything sorted before you go, it's good that you think like that and bother your arrse, so chin up, do what you can and have a good xmas.
  9. I may be wrong but from what you have written I am assuming you are unemployed. I am led to believe that Jobcentre plus or DWP or whatever it is called this week can issue loans or grants to help people back to work. Why not ask them for some money?
  10. You do not need a passport to go on a tour. The reason you have to have one is because if you need to come back on a compassionate the quickest way to get you back might be on a civvy flight. No passport means you can't fly civvy. If you don't have one the Army will pay for you to get one
  11. Ok thanks everybody for the help there is alot of usefull & conflicting info here you have reasured me a little , i just feel i dont want to start on a bad foot espeacilly if iam the only one to turn up without the right stuff ! .
    This is hopefully what should be the beginning for me , iam dipping into my inheritance fund and taking £600 so i can get alot of the things on the list ie iron , water proof jacket etc , i will be straight onto my recruiter tommorrow to thank him and ask about the passport, it was lost so i need to apply for a replacement .
    I will definety need to get a replacement pair of trainers so i can do some proper good pre-training.
  12. You'll find the Army always conflicts with itself, no pun intended. Things change all the time, no-one is necessarily wrong, however.
  13. If you have £600 to spend then you have a lot more than many who join, so you shouldn't have any problem with buying the required items.
  14. You wont get to use any waterproof clothing that you bring so that's pointless just get whats on the list you're given the rest of it is provided for you