basic training

Discussion in 'The ARRSE Hole' started by corbuk, Oct 22, 2008.

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  1. does anyone know / have a link to what happens at basic training. Eg day 1 intro ,week 4 day 1 "" mile run,week5 drill

    I remember reading it some were but can't find it so if any one could tell me / knows link.

    I read a post from someone at basic in week 5( nice one for joining rifles btw !! I am too) , could you tell me what happened in those 5 weeks what mile runs , etc

    Also a bit off topic, why do peaple mention sean bean(Sharp) and the rifles...I kinda no but....
  2. But clearly you don't ;)

    History m'boy, history. Look it up. You'll learn more.
  3. thanks , looking it up know

    Do you no any thing about what you do in the first few weeks of basic training eg runs ?
  4. It's been a while, but the 1st week I think you do a BFT. 2nd week more gym work and maybe 3 or 4 miles?
  5. what time for the 3/4 miles ? They squaded? and is the bft the stuff u did in adsc ?
  6. You do RMT's (if they still do them) or a PFT.

    The runs are split into ability groups ie: fast, moderate and sloth :wink:
  7. Does anyone know what fitness tests you have to do before you can start training ?
  8. Yes, 1.5 mile run , pulls ups ,jerry can ,ice breaker,45 min pt lesson (realy hard)
  9. jesus wept quit posting shit and ask your afco!!

    they are there to do the job!!

    and remember the more you know about the more to worry about so just get on with it one day at a long miserable time!
  10. Bloody hell, you're a happy bunny rabbit tonight!!!!
  11. You will probably have a timetable for the entire period you are there posted up on the wall.

    Filth! How dare you speak to a officer! Enjoy. :)
  12. Stalker.
  13. Just don't check under your stairs.